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Image: Christa Wittmier

After weeks of peeling through entries on [] to pluck the Best of 2010, I noticed this was the year for comebacks. Thank God. Not like the past two years were anything but difficult. How people managed to re-invent, power through or create themselves entirely has me in so much admiration. I LOVE this city.

For all the preferences and sub cultures, there is pretty much an answer for you. The fancies get their ultra lounges and bottle service. The hipsters get their Mercury Bars and flea markets. Everyone gets Downtown. The ones making it happen are young, old, awesome and not-so-awesome. They have something in common though; they have chosen a life dedicated to the enjoyment of others.

To everyone in the nightlife I wanted to make this last effort in 2010 to say thank you. Keep doing it. There are more people than just me that notice and investing yourself in our enjoyment will bring you everything you could need. I wanted to share a selection from the Best of 2010 zine I made in collaboration with Aloha Friday:

Best Staff: Apartment3. They rally like crazy wherever they are, including at work, and they all look like they were born to work there. When the staff is 100 percent behind a theme, it really sets the bar for everyone else to enjoy.

Best In-Between Spot: The Manifest. We all see this place go off on Wednesdays and weekends, but I kind of actually like it when it’s just me and one or two people. Sitting at this bar when it’s too early to do anything else Downtown is like my very own Cheers.

Best Place to Lose Your Mind:SOHO Mixed Media Bar and Asylum (tie). Because sometimes that’s all you need after a week of gritting your teeth at your desk.

Best Thing to Happen to the Nightlife, Period: []. There’s only one thing better than a party pic website and that’s a party pic website that’s done by someone that has no loyalties, no affiliations and no pay. Take that and double it and you get Robert Kaneshi and Miya Yamaoka and their honest, gritty and damn good online photo recaps of our scene.

Best Party: Soul Clap and Shake & Pop (tie). Soul Clap started it all four years ago; Shake & Pop continues to make it happen. “It” being a rare moment where people across many genres mostly influenced by hip-hop are transported to another level of dance by DJs that have expanded their own personal playlists for this widely popular dance party.

Best in Show: thirtyninehotel. Where they are coming from, where they started, where they are now… they set the standard of never compromising your integrity to build a vision. Paul Shih, Josh Hancock and others that will be coming up on Hotel Street in 2011, take heed. They are the matriarch of that area.

Best Moment: Architechs 10-Year Anniversary. Promoters lasting an entire decade? Don’t think the entire city doesn’t appreciate that; they were all there to say congratulations to DJs XL, DELVE and Blaise. Along with every single person that made an impact in the nightlife. At one point, Lincoln Jacobe or someone said to me “Wow, if Apartment3 caught on fire right now, you can say goodbye forever to Honolulu’s nightlife.” He was so right.

Nice work everyone. Have a Happy New Year. See you in 2011.