night Life

night Life
Image: The Do Over

night Life / Sometimes I wish things that were happening in other cities would happen here. Then I remember that here isn’t there. A backyard-style “Anti-Hollywood” party with surprise guest DJs such as A-Track and Mayer Hawthorne works for Los Angeles. But in Hawaii? Actually, that might be something that works everywhere.

2011 is about dreams coming true, then, because the people who have been doing that party successfully for six years are bringing it here. In Los Angeles, they call it “The Do Over,” which I love. In case your Friday or Saturday didn’t bring you everything you could want, here’s a chance to have a Do Over on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday parties have been known to happen successfully in Honolulu. Surprise guest DJs have also been known to happen successfully. I’m actually pretty excited about this one. The party’s producers are calling it the Lei Over, and are bringing their entire crew of hard-working guys who just want to get it right along with surprise DJs on Sunday, Jan. 16.

Speaking of working hard, I don’t know too many people in Hawaii who work only one job, myself included. For me it was more of a decision to make town (and Hawaii) my home indefinitely and still have a tiny bit of the lifestyle I had when I first came to work here in ’02. Out five nights a week, a job that requires a lot of driving and wanting to live alone wasn’t nothing. I just had to work harder. Working harder here wasn’t really as hard as, say, working in the South China Sea. It still involved the day-to-day stresses, but, even now, it’s never something that would have me grumbling, “I need a vacation.”

Josh Hancock was one of the people who kept me going when I first started working here. I didn’t know him well, but the guy was everywhere. Playing in one of his three bands, doing shows for other bands or working at two museums; he never looked tired and he never half-assed anything. I was so surprised to bump into him on a break from Trivia Night Tuesday to find he has quit all of his jobs to open a diner. That’s right, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s perfect. This past Friday, with partner Serena Hashimoto, he opened a diner smack dab in the middle of the action on Hotel Street. DownbeatDiner is everything we needed. For early sorts, it’s an option to grab a bite in that do-or-die window of 8pm to 10pm, when I need to leave the house or else I won’t go out at all. The food is all across the board, from vegan to amazing. It has a full bar, and is open from 11am for “burgers, breakfast & beer” every day except Sunday. We can now eat there until 4am on the weekends. The scariest time to be getting out of Chinatown just got more happening. I couldn’t love this any more than I do.

This past Sunday, a rack of $10 Tori Richards shirts at Art & Flea and some of the silliest b-boys over 21 I know turned the Hot Island DJ Spin-Off at Mai Tai Bar into the Best Sunday Ever. Congratulations to DJ Packo, who was the one to came out on top. Seeing him scratch out an all-vinyl set in front of tons of big-name supporters left all of us with a great feeling for the new year. Work hard, play hard, do your very best. It’s that easy.