Night Life

Night Life
Image: Christa Wittmier

Night Life / Well hello, Pro Bowl. I feel like the last time there was a Pro Bowl, The Wave was still open. That’s obviously not true, but any day now the streets are going to be flooded with huge NFL players on little scooters and the nightlife is going to explode with Vegas-style entertainment. Who’s ready? Not like that’s the only thing happening, but it’s definitely giving the nightlife a nice burst of the unexpected (Rihanna at Zanzabar last weekend?!) and who doesn’t love an invasion of men that are, like, 6 foot 6 and 300 pounds?

Personally I was more excited to learn that Grady Gillan has finally finished the second issue of Aloha Friday. Anything in print is such a beautiful thing. There will never be anything to take the place of holding a magazine or newspaper, touching the pages and turning them. I’ve never gotten tennis elbow from holding something and reading it like I do with a mouse and my blog reader. The photos that show up in my tumblr stream can be moving, but Grady’s photographs in his zine are the kind you want to look at over and over again. He will be having a little party on Tuesday, Feb. 8, from 6pm-9pm at thirtyninehotel. I can’t wait to see it. Touch it. Hold it.

There’s a lot more that’s been going on but I’m dying right now with the flu and my brain is being cooked alive in my skull with a fever. All I can do is think about what’s coming up that I’m excited about. Here, I’ll just list them:

T-Pain, 1/27 at The Waterfront. How cool would it be if he sang “I’m on a Boat?”

Nas and Damian Marley, 2/9 on the Big Island. With all the success of their album Distant Relatives, this lovely blend of hip-hop and reggae is going to sound even better in Kona.

Matt and Kim, 2/10 at The Waterfront. Mainly because The Jump Offs are opening.

Pow Wow Hawaii, 2/19 at fresh café. This is the huge art show I went to see in Hong Kong last year put together by Jasper Wong. The event focused more on the process of creating art, bringing together many artists with different backgrounds and showing how they worked together. Kind of like Nas and Damian Marley. It was amazing, and in between huge gasps of excitement I kept telling Jasper, a Kalani High School grad, to bring this show to Hawaii. So he did. Come February there will be six artists flying in to Honolulu from all over the world to live together and work together for a week, along with some media star power like Acclaim Magazine, Hypebeast, and Arrested Motion to really cause an earth-shaking explosion of webisodes, photos, blogs and Twitters. Boom.

Revive at Nextdoor with special guest Lee Foss, 2/25. House music is one thing, but this guy Lee Foss is from another planet. I caught his set one time and found myself standing there dumbfounded for, like, three hours. I’m super looking forward to his return.

Hopefully next week I’ll still be alive. At this point I feel like my limbs are about to fall off. For an entire week I was able to mask the symptoms of a small cold, only to be hit like a freight truck with flu. Hopefully by Chinese New Year it will subside though. The show must go on.

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