Night Life

Night Life
Image: Christa Wittmier

Who’s Ready

Night Life / There are a lot of people in the nightlife here. I catch myself shrinking into this bubble of only-the-people-I-know sometimes, but lately, everywhere is bursting with that nonsense. The most obvious bubble-popper of my friend-bubble is definitely First Friday (who are all those people!) but recently it’s local promoter Brian “Nugget” Boltwood. This is a guy I’ve only just met, it was hard to miss him at one of my pool parties: a long-haired white guy with “NUGG LIFE” tattooed across his stomach. I was dubious at first but he is so much about having the time of his life that it becomes infectious. After getting to know his deal (yes, I’ve heard him on the radio many times) and how hard he works to pack Zanzabar (yes, Zanzabar) every Wednesday, it was clear that there are too many people in this town that I have yet to party with. I was too bogged down with my own job last Friday to catch the debut of Fame and Fortune Fridays, his new weekly at Paparazzi, but heard that it was a smashing success. I wasn’t surprised. This is a promoter that still hits the beaches in Waikiki for four hours a day flyer-ing. He introduces himself to every person that makes eye contact and never travels without two or three beautiful people in his entourage. He’s the kind of promoter G-Spot would be proud of, and anyone that can make a weekly during the middle of the week in Waikiki successful has my vote. While I’m thinking about it, G-Spot pretty much holds the crown as far as hard working promoters go. I caught him spilling down the stairs from a very sweaty and fun Shake & Pop last Saturday, reminding me to check out his I Love Chinatown event at Indigo. Duh, I love Chinatown, and we’re going into the year of my Chinese zodiac. That’s un-miss-able and it’s great to see Indigo still pumping out innovation. Don’t think I didn’t notice your whole new Ultralounge mantra. Their new monthly Beauty Bar every second Friday also sounds exciting. As long as you never get rid of those huge martini glasses you can count me in, guys.

What else, oh! I probably annoyed everyone on the patio for the Lei Over party. I barged in the open back door, not realizing Chef Jamal was grilling out there, and started shouting “I KNEW it!” in the face of everyone I saw. Sorry, guys. I just knew that party would kill it. The idea of the Do Over is awesome. If your weekend sucked, don’t worry about it. You get a do over. Get it? No wonder that party has been solid for six years in Los Angeles. Words can’t describe how awesome it was to be in the same spot by the speakers with the same people I was dancing with less than 24 hours ago. Only today it was to all these DJs from LA that we were totally ready for after a night of dance party innovation by DJ Delve. Thank you, promoters from other cities that decide to bring your entire party here. Even though I’m probably guilty of it myself, it’s still kind of irritating to hear “Honolulu are you ready?” from people that come here to do parties. Why would we not be ready? We were born ready.

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