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night Life
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Some were in dresses and heels, making the most of a rare night out in Kona, and others were playing it cool with tight hippie T-shirts and low low low jeans.

night Life / Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like no matter how much work is put into entertaining, the bottom line is always the hot girls. Hot girls equal good party. I’ve tried to live in denial about this but it just keeps coming back to my reality.

Take a reggae show I caught in Kona a few weeks back. Ever since Damian Marley did that Distant Relatives album with Nas, they have been touring with an 11-piece band. Their album is pretty much a masterpiece and their unexpected partnership makes perfect sense after listening to it. Before heading over to Australia, they gave the people of Kona a special treat, an intimate show in the parking lot behind Kona Bowl on a Wednesday night. The crowd came out early, paying $40 to see the show and dropping even more cash in the beer garden.

For the first hour or so it was mostly guys, but halfway through Oahu-based reggae band The Green’s set, the women arrived. Some were in dresses and heels, making the most of a rare night out in Kona, and others were playing it cool with tight hippie T-shirts and low low low jeans. It changed the whole dynamic of the event. The guys, now liquored up, immediately started skanking more energetically, shouting more loudly and made no effort to be subtle about looking at the women’s asses. I was up in front of the stage when this happened and I’m telling you, it happened. The girls brought the party.

The concert itself was nothing short of genius. There is a very good chemistry between Bob Marley’s youngest son and the legendary rapper, and it translates well across the many musicians, backup singers/dancers, DJ Green Lantern and a relentless flag waver that didn’t let up for the entire two-hour show. In between tracks from the album, they each performed some of their own hits. It was like three concerts in one and one of the best shows I’ve seen since Passion Pit.

Back on Oahu, the first review of our nightlife from New York blogger TanleyWong from Arrested Motion after a Wednesday night of bar hopping was, “The girls are so hot.” At the release for the Women’s Issue of Flux Magazine at Apartment3, I hear, “This party is great, there’s so many beautiful women here.” My Facebook inbox, flooded with spam from promoters that don’t realize we the people are done with that sort of thing boasts “Hawaii’s hottest women love our party!”

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing. I myself tend to pay more attention to the girls when I’m out. Their nails, their outfits, and damn it, how do they get their hair to stay that nice after dancing all night in those shoes? If they’re happy and dancing, look out. It changes the entire vibe of the place. Just pay attention to the door at these sorts of situations. I bet nobody is walking out.

Things I’m looking forward to this weekend, hot girls or not: Flying Lotus at Nextdoor on Feb 26. Damian Marley and Nas at the Kakaako Amphitheater on Feb. 26 with their big after party with DJ Green Lantern at Shack Waikiki.

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