Night Life

Night Life
Image: Christa Wittmier


Sun, Feb 19

Night Life / I am noticing that this time of year is often known as the Great Divide; people who are into Valentine’s Day and people who are not. It seems that no matter which way the love scale is tipping, there will always be three things: lovers, cynics and a prom party.

As cliché as it might sound, I was pretty excited about the person behind this year’s prom. Jimmy DiCarlo from B-WARE knows how to throw a party. I first met him at an event he did a few years ago in partnership with the Keep A Breast Foundation. They had artists like Newkon, Aaron Martin and Heather Brown paint casts taken from the breasts of female professional surfers. They called it the I Heart Boobies party, but it was completely legit. From the people who were involved, to the people who were performing, to the people it showcased, to the people it benefitted, it was just a very well rounded, awesome and creative party. I was impressed. Over the years, I would see Jimmy, a Pupukea resident that frequents the scene in town, and realize that he doesn’t do mediocre. His events are always fun, creative and chaotic in a very organized way. He’s also always excited. That matters. When you’re trying to get people to get on board with something it’s always good to be excited about it. It’s also good to bring in some of the best there is, which he always does. I’m not sure why his B-WARE Where’s Waldo print ads that have dozens of notable scenesters, artists, models and surfers never got a Pele nod, but national art digest Frank 151 definitely noticed and gave him much deserved props for the creativity. They were great. This prom event is no exception. There will be a giant backdrop scene for photos (I can’t wait to see Facebook the next day). They also grabbed some of the more notable dance DJs in town to perform: Matt Kee, Davey Shindig, ESKAE and the event man himself Jim Browskee. He also has Matt Ratt, who is probably the most underrated DJ in the dance music category. If Ross Jackson is the King of the Indies then Matt Ratt is, at a minimum, the prince. He’s genius. And I hear Jimmy is single, so it might be worth checking out, if for nothing else than to meet a great guy.

Artist Kamea Hadar, another Pupukea resident that has been making waves in town, did his first live painting at SoHo Mixed Media Bar last week. But it won’t be his last. He is one of the 10 artists participating in Pow Wow on Feb. 19. San Francisco resident Ekundayo is also part of the lineup, as are musicians Munchi and Donnis. Hi-Fructose magazine saw what was going on and jumped on a plane as well. They join Acclaim, Hypebeast, Arrested Motion, Booooooom, and local magazines Contrast and Flux in covering the event. I’m pretty damn excited; so excited that I’m taking the next few weeks off from work to help them pull the event together. Time to get serious. I love it.

Soho Mixed Media Bar, Prom, Fri., 2/11, 10pm-2am, $10
Fresh Café, Pow Wow, Sat., 2/19, 6pm-10pm
Nextdoor, 10pm-2am
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