Night Life

Night Life
Image: MySpace / Justin Bieber

Night Life / What happens when nothing you expect to happen, happens? Take for instance the 2011 Grammy Awards. I can’t stop thinking about The Arcade Fire taking Album of the Year. If you can take that moment and translate it to the nightlife scene, I guess it’s like the Arcade Fire just became First Friday. While that’s not always the best thing (blown in three, two…) it’s tremendous for a band like them because they will never compromise their artistic integrity. They’re so weird to begin with. All of the “HUH?” had me sitting back with the satisfaction of knowing that giant record labels with their endless marketing budgets and PR superstar hype machines don’t always get the win. Take that, Bieber.

Back to the weekend. What is going on with Paparazzi? It’s all of a sudden one of those go-to clubs. They now have both Fridays and Saturdays packed. I’m not sure where everyone parks but it’s working, which is wonderful. Their Saturday has been taken on by none other than Lincoln Jacobe and the folks from Artist Groove Network, Level H and Furious Styles. It’s always better to have good promoters. The crowd does follow you if you’re good. Thanks to them and the relentless Brian “Nugget” Boltwood pushing Fame & Fashion Fridays, even pulling in superstar guest DJs like Anit, I now have a top-of-mind suggestion for visiting suppliers, family or just people that want to get dressed up and use the word “club” as a verb.

Brunch became a verb at Morimotos on Sunday, when they debuted a concept that I was begging to have happen a year ago. The crowd was sexy and plentiful which had me pleasantly surprised. People actually called for tables ahead of time, a brunch miracle. My favorite part of the day was Grace Park walking past Chef Morimoto to say hello to me. If I’ve ever felt like I’ve made it, it was probably at that moment. I’m sure it was because she didn’t notice him but shhh, let me have my moment. It was also wicked cool to be in the same room as Hypebeast editor Eugene Kan, producer Angie Laprete, streetwear legend Jules Gayton, pro surfer Marcus Hickman and an uber stylish Ara Laylo. A motley crew to say the least. But it worked. It was brilliant. From the moment you walked in to the restaurant and heard the music you knew it wasn’t your grandmother’s brunch.

Photo veteran Aaron Yoshino isn’t a grandma, but his recent jabs at party photographers had me glad to corner him at the Showbox grand opening. Turns out I know what he means. Some clubs you can’t walk two feet without a flash in the face. It makes me love Crazybox (they don’t allow professional cameras) because you know you’re somewhat safe from unwanted internet fame. It also makes me feel slightly hypocritical, as I find myself trolling the web every morning for pictures from the night before. No matter how many people are doing it, there never seems to be enough. I can look through the virtual equivalent of stacks and stacks of pictures and want more. Perspectives don’t get that diluted in Honolulu because there still aren’t that many. However, I understand how a working photographer can get somewhat territorial. Just know that us, the people, hardly notice. We’re also greedy. At least I am. Gimme gimme gimme.

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