night Life

night Life
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The second I stepped in to Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ hotel suite at the WaikikiEdition, my camera and my phone both went into my bag and stayed there for the entire night.

night Life / I’m impressed with how many daytime parties have been springing up. OK, I might be responsible for some of them, but not all. Willis Haltom is probably pissed at me because I didn’t make it to his CabanasPool Bar last Sunday. We’ve been gushing to each other for months about Soul Clap’s Sergio Santos and Tanner Ross coming to town. What he probably doesn’t realize is that because he livestreams his parties I don’t feel so bad about not being there in person. Because I am, sort of. I watched Santos and Ross perform at the private club, at the pool party and at the pool afterparty via Livestream .com. Soul Clap was the soundtrack to my Sunday night and it was awesome.

As far as musicians coming to town…If influencers like Grady Gillan and Matt RattAczon are flipping out over certain musicians, it justifies my curiosity about whether those musicians are worth seeing. Hey, I can’t keep up with all of it.

With that being said, Toro Y Moi is about to melt my face off! I heard software engineer and musician Matthew McVickar asking his friends if he should book them. He apparently got the response he was looking for and went for it. What really solidified it for me was Los Angeles (and Honolulu) DJ Nicky Savage tripping over it. That guy is my music oracle. The last mix he made that I downloaded has 576 plays on my iTunes, and for my birthday, I made 200 copies of it to give out. If he says Toro Y Moi is worth seeing, I believe him. Since then I’ve been listening to nothing but the Toro Y Moi station on Pandora and it’s pretty impressive. Daft Punk, Royksopp, RJD2, Animal Collective, Cut Copy and Vampire Weekend are all in the same music genome. If that means anything to you, check out the April 23 show at Nextdoor. Actually, buy your ticket presale. Today. McVickar isn’t a concert promoter by day. He’s a computer software engineer who’s passionate about music and sustaining a good scene. It’s our job to support him.

This past weekend? I don’t even want to talk about it. The second I stepped in to Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ hotel suite at the WaikikiEdition, my camera and my phone both went into my bag and stayed there for the entire night. No photos, no Twitter, no texts, no camera pics. I did it because that’s what happens when you are welcomed so freely into a celebrity’s life. You become protective and don’t want to exploit him. What happened as a result was a genuine, attentive great time with no distractions.

He loved Hawaii and was too happy to have a night out after filming on Hawaii Five-0. I’m just glad I happened to be one of the people showing the Grammy Award winner how much fun we have here. For those who saw me sitting inside the security guard barricade next to him at Crazybox, just know he only had the best things to say about our scene. I remember he asked me why I was so hammered by the time I got to Waikiki. “It’s First Friday aaaaaidajf!” was my response. So from then on, all night whenever we would cheers a shot or more champagne he would say, “Cheers First Friday aaaaaidajf!” See, he’s practically local already.

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