Night Life

Night Life
Image: Christa Wittmier

Night Life / “I’m not really into fashion or beauty,” I told Malie Moran, fashion show director and media and events coordinator for HawaiiRED Magazine as I sat next to her in the front row of Crystal Pancipanci’s style workshop at Macy’s. Malie had asked me if I was going to the Fashion and Beauty Expo after the presentation, and that was the half-assed excuse I gave her. It’s been bothering me ever since. Not into fashion or beauty? What kind of statement is that? And even if it’s true, why would I say that to the woman that coordinates the biggest fashion events in Hawaii?

If this wasn’t the sort of cringe-inducing statement that slips out of my mouth at least twice a week, or if I hadn’t been wearing jeans and a men’s jacket, it would’ve been unforgivable. Instead, Maile just gave me an indifferent shrug and turned her attention back to the show.

There was a time when I tried harder. I shopped at Bebe before every weekend and used flat irons and curling irons and clip-ins and wore things that had to be glued to my body. I was young and it was fun but the fashionista look never really stuck with me. Lately, I’m more about being casual and comfortable and letting my personality stand out. This past week of Shop a Lea events, fashion shows, workshops, cocktails and the Passport to Luxury found me in brightly lit boutiques with women who use words like “look” and “collection” in their everyday vocabulary. The kind of women who stare at your eyebrows when they are talking to you. But it was more socializing with new people than I’ve done in awhile, so I’m writing it off as a very good thing. I also got to meet the twins from Polyascko2 who are on a very short list of men from Hawaii designing high-quality menswear. So it really was a good week.

Coming up this weekend is another big pool party. Only it will be less people, more food and no pool. It’s the First Sundays at Trump event with ESKAE and friends. After all the begging for a brunch culture to appear, it just had to be done. Hawaii brunches are bound to better because we have the sun. A Hawaii brunch at the Trump should be amazing because the Trump has that nice big patio with all the couches. After a weekend of First Friday, the only thing industry people want to do is chill and drink.

Speaking of brunch, the underground places got blown so I’m not sure I even want to mention that Downbeat Diner & Lounge does an amazing chicken and waffles on Sundays. What’s even better is their affordable Sunday morning drink menu, not to mention their hand-made Bloody Marys. I’m not sure (because I didn’t ask) but they taste like they were made from muddled fresh celery, lime and tomatoes. They’re also doing an APB night with Aala Park Boardshop on Thursdays. Skate films and cheap beer starting right at 9pm when the skate park closes. Even though I’ve never been to Lit in New York, I would imagine that this is as dreamy and wonderful as their Smiths night.

PS: Someone please do a Smiths night, cough, DOWNBEAT, cough.