Night Life

Night Life
Image: Christa Wittmier

Night Life / I heard Hawaiian poke is starting to sweep the nation. I don’t know how new it is on the mainland, but there’s a poke shop in Venice Beach that I follow and they run out whenever they’re open. Then there was that big poke festival in Orange County this past weekend that was aptly named the “I Love Poke Festival.” That’s pretty cool, man. As I’m packing a bag for Los Angeles this week I’m laughing to myself because I already know the dialogues I’m going to have with everyone there. It’s going to be about here. How we got to see Toro Y Moi and how the weather is getting hot for spring. I’m going to want to go check out some of those poke places. The best part about this particular trip though is going to see One Kine Day at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. A film about the “other” side of Hawaii, a place that pretty much nobody sees on the big screen, is going to be in everyone’s faces. Hawaii in Los Angeles. If it’s received there even half as well as it was in San Francisco, I’m looking at a very, very cool weekend.

Speaking of movies, there’s a release date for the Alexander Payne film that shot here last year; an Oscar-friendly 12/16. I can’t wait. Not just because it stars George Clooney, but because it was written in a devilishly real tone by Kailua girl Kaui Hart Hemmings. Her (first!) novel that the film is adapted from was translated to a script beautifully, with a lot left unsaid that still is able to come out in the slice of life story. I can’t wait to see how it turns out on film. Eight more months. I’ll try to distract myself until then.

This weekend will be a good distraction though. I mean, Los Angeles. There’s so much going on there and my two favorite industries are based there: entertainment and skate boarding. Not sure what else there is in life to celebrate in one city, but I predict a lot of random scenarios, hopefully involving the two simultaneously. I don’t like to take too many trips anymore. There was too much of that when I was in my 20s. A girl learning her independence in another country is kind of hard to explain, but trust me it’s fun. It’s easy to understand how someone so transient could fall in love with Hawaii. I still meet so many people that have just moved here and have no plans to leave. The other side is all the people that move away. I don’t know, it’s just kind of transient-friendly here. California was like that too. When I lived there for a couple years, nights out could get so random and amazing. OK, I’m excited for this trip now. I’ll be back just in time for the Monday that’s so good I don’t want to talk about it.

OK, I will. It’s upstairs at Nextdoor and its called Motown on Monday. MOM. It’s a crowd of mostly bartenders and service industry people, with some university types sprinkled in, and just a killer vibe of people out to have a good night enjoying music. Motown music. The best songs for karaoke and the easiest to dance to. Miss Charity Kahunahana has brought back a lot of her San Francisco to Honolulu, starting with this party. There are guest DJs from all over town that have that love in common and it’s nice to know there is a spot that will always have people there. Like Nobu on a Sunday. Just knowing there are still good parties sprouting up makes it easier to spend a weekend away. Barely.

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