Night Life

Night Life
Image: Jenah Yamamoto

Night Life / I like meeting people in person. With this evolution of the Internet, there are times when I’m seeing people in photos before seeing them in person. It’s different. Meeting Jason Pollack is a good example. Look at him. In all the photos I saw of him, he has a very confident, very party-party look about him. Then I met him in person and he was this super polite and humble kid that was incredibly focused on his project. Originally from New York and currently studying business at HPU, he’s got an idea to answer the “What’s Next?” question a lot of us are asking about the Internet. It’s a social network (!!) that takes the better elements of Twitter and mashes them up with party people. Those party people send updates in the form of camera pics from their phones to put what’s popping off on blast. It’s a right here, right now thing. Real time party pics. In the grand tradition of any new Hawaii party pic website, I’m scared to get too attached. But this one seems to have legs. Users are signing up daily and once I started to feel my way around the site (and figure out how to show only the updates in photos), it became essential. Like, did you have any idea how packed it gets at Zanzibar for Sizzling Sundays? This could easily be the website that keeps me on my couch on Friday nights, just hitting refresh and looking at all the photos of what’s happening. Sort of like why I loved Twitter until it got kind of noisy. But any Social Media is only as good as the users who are populating its content, so I’m glad that his surfer friends and gorgeous college co-ed party girls are the biggest users right now.

Unlike some of the party website hosts in Hawaii, Jason isn’t planning to really promote parties on his own, just hype up the ones that are going off. Of course, there will be a launch party coming soon, and this weekend he will be hosting a benefit for Japan with our friends Tantriq Entertainment at The Villa. It’s the SOS Aloha Japan Charity Ball, so dress up in red or white and continue partying for Japan. As far as I’m concerned, the charity events for Japan really need to be happening every weekend for the next year or two to really feel like we are making a difference. So as long as they keep happening, I will keep supporting.

This past weekend was a tough one. It was time to say goodbye to our friends from Hawaii Five-0. Dinners, dancing, karaoke, very little sleep and a lot of time at the Waikiki Edition all weekend to say an extended goodbye. You can always tell how hard they work by how hard they party at the end and this season was a doozy. By now it’s probably no big thing to see Grace Park dancing at Shake & Pop. She steps out on the town so much and has made so many friends that it’s really just like seeing any other girl out and about. Similar to Daniel Dae Kim, she never makes any attempts to hide when she’s out, and even if she’s not really down with taking photos with people, there is a very approachable nature about her. It’s nice. I’m going to miss them, but July is just around the corner, three Shake & Pops away basically. That’s nothing.

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