Night Life

Night Life
Image: Christa Wittmier

When it Rains, it Purrs

Night Life / Sometimes things have to go wrong for them to turn out right. I’m an Event Director and it even took me a while to learn that. Very seldom do things that you plan out actually unfold in that exact way. In fact, if events happen with no snags then THAT is weird/confusing/stress inducing. After a few years and countless fire drills, I’m cool with the whole roll-with-the-punches thing. The test of a person’s character is how they act when things are going wrong. Believe it or not, I become very calm, which I was thrilled to learn. You never know until it happens. Anyway, poor DISfunkshion Magazine. They had all their ducks in a row, even despite the inclement weather that loomed for their magazine re-launch. With VIP tickets a bit pricey for their target female 17-34 demo, they still had over 400 people confirmed to attend, including surprise celebrities. The excitement was resonating even through my adult world. I was looking forward to it and even planning on sneaking out of my own little party to be there. I used to do whatever I could to get my hands on those magazines. The fashion spreads were so pro, and editor/publisher Hugette Montesinos is like Honolulu’s Carrie Bradshaw. Only because of her style though–she’s one of those people that can wear plaid with polka-dots and a giant flower on her head and look like she was born that way. Effortless style that breaks boundaries. There’s only a small handful of people who can pull that off, but she is definitely one of them. So their re-launch party was all planned out and going to be amazing when a giant wrench was thrown in and they found themselves with no venue two days before the event. Marketing Director Dayna Kalauokealoha Kuuiini Kalakau was very calm when she told me the whole story at The Waterfront, their new location–only locked in hours before. It was definitely raining but they had the entire venue tented and a lovely VIP area with lounge furniture and food and a runway with seating and beautiful lighting and projection throughout the place. “What crisis?” I was thinking. They handled it like pros, with a huge mahalo to David Booth and Rick Schneider for being so flexible to accommodate one of the hottest fashion events I’ve seen in 2011.

Rain or shine, this week is going to be exciting. It’s National Dance Week Hawaii! There’s going to be workshops in all sorts of dance including Zumba! There are other styles; hip-hop, street, jazz and ballet to name a few, but I’m most excited about that Zumba. I actually saw people doing it at Nextdoor this past weekend. I think they started it to be funny but so many others joined in, it was like a flash mob. Maybe that was one of the Housing Project 360’s flash mobs. I heard they were all over doing that. People who are already good at dancing get an opportunity to audition for tours in China or a scholarship for a dance internship in New York. People who are not good at dancing get an opportunity to attend workshops with famous people like Melanie Aguirre (Usher’s choreographer) and Hollywood (Rihanna’s choreographer). My favorite is returning artist Ejoe Wilson, who is pretty much the house and hip-hop dance pioneer. If I can find time to break away from work, I’m going to be all over this dance week, and all over the dance floors come summer time.

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