Social Lite

There was a time when Mark Chittom still lived here and I would corner him every chance I got to talk about the Weekly. “What did you write about when you had nothing to write about?” He had the greatest stories, telling me how far out in left field he would get once he started making the awkward transition from writing about nightlife to doing his own parties. He would write anything to keep it ethical and avoid writing about his own parties. It was across the board. He would send in 500-word essays on the mating patterns of reptiles, and one time, after he disappeared to the Mainland for longer than expected, the entire column was left blank with one sentence in the middle of the page: “Mark Chittom was M.I.A. this week.” Nothing beats his musings; I wish he was still here to do them. He’s coming back this weekend to expose us to what he’s been listening to and spinning in New York, and if it’s anything like the past few times he’s come back to DJ at thirtyninehotel, it will be a buttery disco and dance music masterpiece. The best part will be catching him on the lanai (if he still smokes) and having what I call epic conversation time.

This summer is shaping up already, thank God. It started kind of slow, but this past week everyone finally packed it in to the regular weeklies. Soho Mixed Media Bar hasn’t been what I would call “going off” on a Wednesday in some time, but all they had to do was revamp it and poof. From the second I walked in, I could tell it was going to be a good weekly. The energy was new, the people were new and everyone was checking in on Foursquare and Facebook. Ha, what a cool name for a party in 2011. #CheckIn. I love it. The best part, besides the futuristic Social Networking nod, is definitely the resident DJ, who goes by the name DECKO. I would call him an up-and-coming DJ, but I learned he’s more of a “secret DJ” playing regularly at a place I’m not allowed to talk about. For me, anyone that plays Robyn, Miike Snow and Cut Copy in a club has my vote as an awesome DJ. Yes, that’s all it takes. I’m easy.

Soho’s previous Wednesday party Acid Wash isn’t going anywhere. They’re just moving back to Nextdoor. Tonight, actually. I think the most interesting weekly will be the return of Mixed Plate Mondays. I just saw Maka Vasconcellos at brunch this past Sunday and told him he should go back to promoting parties. This is the kid from Sandys that effortlessly filled every room he waved a flyer to. When I told him he needed to do another party, he just nodded and said, “Yeah, probably.” Little did I know he already had his event in the works. They’re going to try out Oceans808, which is good for size and parking, but it’s a 21+ party, which worries me. His parties were famous for having many barely legal 19- and 20-year-old girls back in the day. Of course, those girls are grown up by now so it might work. I’m pulling for you, Maka V! I’m pulling for all of you, actually. Let’s kill it this summer.

Space Truckin, Sat., 6/11, thirtyninehotel

Mixed Plate Mondays, Oceans808

#CheckIn, Wednesdays, SOHO