Social Lite


Wow where do I start. So that’s what it’s like to go out on a weekend. I almost forgot. Once I heard Honolulu was getting a Classixx show, I was totally planning on just hibernating and making up things to write about until then. Then I caught word about the Audiolab reunion event at Asylum Afterhours on Saturday night, which I almost missed because they stopped updating their Myspace page in March. I had no idea what they were up to. I’m already like an hour late filing this because I got distracted reading the blogs that retired DJMindgame posted on his page. Intelligent, wordsmith-y drum ‘n’ bass DJs are not the best thing to lurk first thing on a Monday morning if you want to stay focused, FYI.

Anyway, I heard about their anniversary party and made sure I didn’t fall out on Saturday night after Showdown in Chinatown and Shake & Pop so I could make it to the private club. I wasn’t the only one. All of their peoples were there. Thank heavens for once I wasn’t the oldest person in the room, as these guys go way back. Their crowd was more than appreciative of the reunification. I stayed a lot longer than I expected to, bumping into way more people than I expected to, hypnotized by the technical skills of these guys. The sound system was more than apt to handle those heavy bass lines. Mindgame mixing in melodies and even songs I recognized is what kept me there, readjusting my body-clock to the Wave days when I was racing the sun home to hit my bed before it came up since I didn’t have adequate curtains to block out the light and fall asleep. Mission accomplished, and I was up in plenty of time to stumble into brunch the next day.

Zane was the perfect guy to spin for my Sunday afternoon and Ramyt, ever the professional, was being a great host at Morimoto’s Sunday Social. I love that event. I’m glad it only happens once a month, but I also wish it happened more than once a month. They are regular now though–every third Sunday–so it’s nice to know we’ll always have a cool brunch on those Sundays after First Friday (Trump) and Shake & Pop (Morimoto). BRUNCH! We got it!

This weekend is still not the Classixx show but we got a good one with Tanner Ross returning to Honolulu. When the not-so-underground boys from S.E.C.T performed in Honolulu last time, I couldn’t even find the words to describe how good they were. This time I’m just going to tell you: SEE THIS DUDE. He performs at Indigo Ultralounge this Friday. I’ll be there, if for anything, just to see how they do their club nights now. I hope it’s in the big dinner room. Those were the best. I’ll take the back room too though. Whatever. Just thank you for keep on keeping on, guys. I find it hard to keep up with all of these musicians so I just listen when someone I trust tells me not to miss it and I’m excited for something exciting to keep me occupied until that Classixx show.