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Image: Christa Wittmier

Okay, I promise I’m not going to talk (too much) about LoveFest. Too many people go on and on (and on and on) about the thing. Calling it LineFest, DrugFest, etc. I never really had a problem with it personally. They have some really good music out there. You just have to do things you’re not used to. Like go somewhere early and spend a little extra money. That’s really the secret. There’s also a bar for the grown-ups and plenty of places to cruise if you spring the extra $60 for a VIP ticket. It’s pretty much the most fun I’ve had all year. They manage to involve so many people that you really do see everyone out there. You might have to walk through a garden of kids on the ground to find them, but they’re there.

OKAY, sorry I have to talk about it just a little bit more. IT WAS SO FUN AAAAAAH! I wasn’t sure if I would have as much fun as I did last year. All the nay-sayers that started to crescendo on Twitter combined with the around-the-town-chatter started to get me to the point where I was thinking about skipping it altogether. Then I went. It was even better than last year. I’m still mad at Willis Haltom for not recording his set, which was a grooved-down disco-y house that I could listen to again and again. ALT/AIR turned a vacant stage area into a fully packed smiling crowd of dancers with their eccentric dance music. Aly Ishikuni tried to jump in the crowd and sing to them but the mic feedback sort of didn’t allow that. “I wish I could come down there with you guys!” she kept telling them. I saw like 70 little kids fall in love with her that night. Then holy crap Jack Beats. The producers didn’t let up even a little bit and killed it so much that they made Diplo sound like a boring, self-absorbed Top-40 DJ. The general consensus about the Major Lazer other-half was that he was just eh.

By the end of the night we didn’t care that much as the one and only G-Spot stepped on the main stage and played the kind of house music that makes your face hurt from smiling so much. Maleko was all over the mic there too, but it’s more expected of him. Diplo not so much. “If you’re music is that good, let it speak for itself,” said one of the disappointed fans who felt like they heard more of him talking than him really playing.

This week is a special one for the LGBT community as party-girl and MC Roxy Bunda is taking on a huge endeavor to bring not one, but four parties featuring the cast of The Real L Word on Showtime to Hawaii. A VIP pass gets guests entry to all of them, including a (shhhh!) pool party at the Edition. There’s also a huge boat party on that Red Dolphin (used to be called Kandoo Island) that’s parked offshore of Waikiki. Four hundred people fit on that thing and there’s going to be a ton of entertainment and, of course, cast members Romi Klinger and Francine Beppu. Not sure how many of you went to Punahou with Francine, but it’s a nice opportunity to have a drink with your girl.

Congratulations to ESKAE on Friday, who will be hosting his 57th Soul Clap. For a monthly, that’s pretty epic. See you all out there somewhere.

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