Social Lite

Welcome back to school, people in school. I would give you the spiel about how I barely notice what month it is save for you guys, but I’m pretty sure you’re sick of hearing that. Smile. It’s tough in the nightlife when you guys are gone for a lot of us, but easy if promoters need a quick excuse as to why their night is slow.

Me? I couldn’t be happier. My daily commute is in the opposite direction. The energy of the new gen coming in hot always sort of revitalizes things too.

As exciting as the fall is sounding with Hawaii Five-0 coming back, the old Hard Rock Café re-emerging as the Club House (Makino), and the approaching Hawaii International Film Festival, the opposite of that is the end of a club era for Oceans. I mean Ocean Club. I mean Oceans808. They have new management taking over and after a goodbye-series of all of the best, most memorable parties Ocean Club patrons might be familiar with (Paddlers Night, Burning Down the House, Piranha Room) they will close for a month to reconfigure. Look for the new hot spot, Tower10, as an ode to the Pacific (and lifeguard towers). But upscale. “Like, if Mai Tai bar and Pearl Ultralounge had a baby” said very young but very experienced Marketing Director Cydney Chu. Her sister Dani has come home to run the bar and general operations and, as a drunk-ish Flash Hansen so eloquently put it on Saturday night: “She’s good. She’s here to make it work, not get all caught up in some club lifestyle.” We watched her hustling through the club for most of the night at the last Piranha Room, a party that I mistakenly thought was Russell Tanoue’s for my whole life. Turns out the club made all that happen and he was just the face, and I guess I was the only one who didn’t know it. Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to see Juliet Lighter welcoming guests and hosting the party; her and her “Boom!” as the answer to everything never makes me do anything but laugh.

In Chinatown it was almost too much to handle. All. Weekend. Long.

I love being able to park my car and have six or seven spots to be able to hit up. This past weekend there was something significant going on at every spot too, it’s like the entire neighborhood was thumbing its nose at First Friday. (J/K love you First Friday). My favorites had to be the Amy Winehouse tribute at Nextdoor, with some of our best and favorite artists performing. Seeing Big Mox and The Bentos on the same stage as Yoza and Kitty Chow is unreal and so very special. It was also a special night for The Manifest as they put on their aloha shirts and had a 70’s style Hawaiiana MAN-iversary. Think: sepia photos, moustaches, chains and chest hair. It was solid. Of course, the whole night ended with the mostfundancepartyever too, with many people I know meaning to just stop in for hellos and winding up there all night. Thirtyninehotel has their fun Keep it Uppp! new party Saturday with great music and great people. All these new fun things remind me of all the old things but it’s new because it’s fall. Works for me.