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Image: Nicky Savage

Sometimes when I’m out I want to grab random strangers that don’t look like they are having fun and shake them yelling “Cheer up! What did you even come out for!?!” Me? I go out to have a good time. I go out to spend the money I make on frivolous things that make me feel good like concerts and weird t-shirts and cocktails. I am the female in the 21-35 demographic that does not own a home or have children yet, the person with the consumable income that makes most advertisers smile really big. I’m here to party.

When I go out I’m looking for the people that are happy to be there. Usually the spots that are like this are where the dance floor is packed. OK, a packed dance floor might also be where people are looking to get laid. Either way, it’s that good mood and the good vibe that have people spilling out of a place thinking “Man! That was a good night out.” This Friday we get our dance party on steroids. Nicky Savage is back. The Los Angeles resident has been collecting some tracks to explode all over our faces at The Blow Up, one of the most fun dance parties out there. This is the guy that kills mixes with Fiero (a [] Best Of winner!) and remixes with Ride the Universe that are in high demand from people like Axxe, Young Digerati and Chromeo. Local acts opening are already on my favorites list for sparking the fire under people’s feet; we got MattRatt and DELVE. Super excited.

Coming up soon is the return of Hawaii born street artist Slick, and a huge party to celebrate eight years of Dissizit. They locked in all kinds of amazing hip-hop acts including DMC from Run-DMC, Dilated Peoples with DJ Babu and Digital Underground’s Money B with Scott Knoxx aka . M.A.S.K. but what I’m really excited to see is my Monarx featuring Quiet Kaos! She’s incredible! Travis Omega Cix (winner of Best Facebook Status Updater) and DJ Bumble Bee have seriously made my year by creating this trio. I hope they let Slick paint all over SOHO for the show; that’s going to be a good night.

This past week, Best Cloudy Day Party award goes to Potent Productions and Kurious for their Volcano Beach Party. Whatever it takes to see DJ Anit in a bikini. That was a lot of fun. The patio is huge and the pool is small but the crowd was stoked and in the shade most of the day. I was thinking I was going to walk upstairs and see Ka-on-a-Saturday in the daytime, but it was actually a bigger mix of people. I think everyone just loves a daytime party. Cloudy or not, the place went off and people had fun. That’s never a bad thing.

Congratulations to all of the Honolulu Weekly Best Of 2011 winners this week! You are the people that set the bar and for that I’m forever grateful. Not sure if Downbeat Diner won a category but they definitely have my vote for Best Cheese Sticks and Bloody Mary. And of course, the Weekly wins for Best Best of. I can’t wait to read it!

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