Social Lite

Image: Jonas Maon

You know me, I love the Internet. I’m a serious lurker and don’t really try to hide it. If I meet someone in person that I’ve lurked online, I get all giddy about it. “Haii! We’re friends on Facebook! I love your cat.” If people ever come at me like that, I am beside myself (on the inside) that my own life can be that interesting to another person. We are human.

The greatest thing to ever happen online as far as I’m concerned is blogs. Not so much the actual word “blog” (I never liked that word: Blawg), but more just the idea of regular people creating content and putting it out there. It’s not really for anyone in particular, just the people that are interested. If you’re not in to it, click away. If you are, oh dear, you might be late for work. It’s like throwing something sticky on the wall to see if it will stick. You’re talking to whoever will read it. We all know the social networks blew up like crazy, but before that, the blogs were killing it. This was before everyone had their own world online on Xanga or Myspace. Now it’s amplified times a thousand, but there are still some killer blogs, and you can bet that I’m spending more time flipping through my Google Reader than I am through ranty, emo or overly show-offy Facebook status updates.

Enter, Sweet Lychee. Kristen Oshiro. The sweetest girl with a blog I ever met. She celebrated her blog’s first birthday recently at Mercury Bar. With a modest rate sheet and excellent coverage, I’m actually surprised she doesn’t have her own dot com yet. Her write-ups are thorough and researched, and she always gets all of the details included and correct. That’s something that seems miniscule but has a very loud impact. She even takes the time to use proper grammar and spelling. Woah!

The stance I’ve had on Internet blogs is there can never be too many. Nobody has identical perspectives. I’ve lurked recaps from as many as five different people in the same room and still loved each one.

The best is when these people collaborate.

Be on the lookout for 808 Speakerbox, a joint project by blogger Kristen Oshiro and Photographer Riana Stelburg. Riana is a bit elusive, but her images and design are fantastic. She’s recently been recapping events with Contrast magazine as their intern, but her own website has her on the right path to being an art director for some kind of killer visual arts or entertainment publication in the future. Together they plan to raise awareness for the local hip-hop community. There’s some damn good hip-hop talent here, and whenever I think about it, the first person that comes to mind is Justin Bone Kaneshiro from the Got Rice show on KTUH. He’s one of the hardest working guys in show business, promoting local hip-hop shows with little in return besides the satisfaction of raising awareness. I know it, the girls know it, and the revenue raised from the 808 Speakerbox event planned for January will be re-invested into the Hawaii hip-hop community through his show. So all we have to do is get through the holidays (which are pretty much tomorrow), and we get this epic showcase of some world-class acts born and bred right here. Keep these things coming, people. I’m lurking you.