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Image: Christa Wittmier

“Mark! Mark! Come here you HAVE to tell me something: You are so sweet and friendly in real life how are we supposed to keep believing you as this nasty villain?” I asked Mark Dacascos at Saturday’s world premiere of Hawaii Five-0. The Wo Fat actor then giggled and held my shoulder, while he said it’s all about the faces. Then he shot me a look that had me shrinking down even lower into the sand as he stood on the raised platform that was the event’s red carpet. I really hope the leader of the Yakuza either shows a softer side this season or gets a love interest. He’s definitely my favorite.

The entire night was better than any other Sunset on the Beach red carpet event I had ever attended. A season veteran at number three, I knew to ask the celebrities’ handlers for a turn while the stars were making their way down the press line. What I got in return was a chat with every single person I wanted to talk to: a red carpet first that had my head spinning.

As for any possible love interests this season, not everyone is as hopeful as I am. “People don’t want to see me involved in a romance. They want to see me kicking ass and fighting crime,” a ridiculously-handsome-in-person Alex O’Loughlin told me, after I commented to him about the new hottie females who will be appearing in season two. It was difficult to even hear him over the roar of women who had traveled from all over the world to Hawaii just to get a close look at him. Yeah, he’s probably right. Those women would rather see him throwing roundhouse kicks to someone’s eyeball than getting all kissy-faced with someone that’s not them. He continued to gaze at them over my shoulder as he spoke to me; a kind effort to give them what they flew out for: a good look at his face. Even I found myself stammering a bit when he looked at me right in the eyes. Not usually very swayed by extremely attractive men, I was ashamed of myself for losing my train of thought more than once. I had to let my carpet press-neighbor Maleko take over.

The best thing about the show–besides the possible longevity–is the guest stars. The most notable last season was of course my buddy Sean “P Diddy” Combs. Turns out bringing him back for another episode (or even a spin off?!) isn’t that far-fetched. “Your mom asked me the same thing,” executive producer Peter Lenkov joked to his colleague Roberto Orci when we asked him about that. Peter, we’re serious. I would totally watch a show about Puff Daddy in Los Angeles fighting crime, occasionally calling on his buddies (and me) in Hawaii to get scoops on drug lords and organized crime. Team Reggie!

The episode that followed the red carpet arrivals was exactly what I love about the show already. Glorious camera work showing Hawaii as a character not just a backdrop. Quick but intricate plots and well-timed humor, bromancing between the main actors and outstanding integration of faces we already know. A fantastic new bad-ass Daniel Dae Kim not taking crap from anyone in the opening scene. My boyfriend Wo Fat just as evil as ever. Guys, this is our show. The love and devotion that the actors, producers and crew are putting in to it really shows. Viewing parties when it airs this week will hopefully be abundant. I know Apartment3 will be hosting one. Anyone else?