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I’m not going to lie, APEC was rough. Even after looking through all the road closures and following the multiple (and often redundant) APEC traffic Twitter accounts for rolling traffic updates, I found myself among the hundreds getting stuck more than once. For hours. Late for important work things, not able to make it to fun afterwork things and a complete and total access denied getting to my own house twice. It put some things in perspective as far as just how badly people wanted to go to some parties, and really showed promoters and clubs how loyal their patrons could be. Tsukiji’s for instance, was PACKED on Friday for the debut of a new weekly called XSCAPE. The President and other world leaders looming a mere block away couldn’t stop the incredible promoting power that is BryanSimpson and the ArtistGrooveNetwork, LincolnJacobe and LevelH. Ever since I saw that club, I hoped for big things up there. It’s a massive space and so convenient with all the mall parking. With Ryan Goldenchild Wong in there Saturdays and these guys there Fridays, I think they finally found their match made in nightclub heaven.

In the art world, some visitors weren’t so lucky, as Vice Magazine video producers in town from NYC to shoot Krink’s first Hawaii show quickly learned. They realized they were staying in the same hotel as the President after being turned around at every entrance to their hotel and eventually gave up trying to even get in. The good news is all this dust will settle come Thursday, and the show will go on. Craig Costello, aka KRINK will have his show running at Loft in Space from 11/17 until 12/9. A big name in the graffiti world after many years in the San Francisco streets as KR–then the maker of one of the drippiest paints out there called Krink–he has already gotten much press across the county to focus on Hawaii for this show. From New York to Denmark to Australia and back to the West Coast, everyone is talking about this show. The best part? They are talking about our art scene, saying it’s rapidly rising– something that’s instrumental in the growth of this genre.

This weekend is looking freaking fantastic, as Black Star is retuning for a show at the Hawaii Theater Friday. Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) individually can stand on their own, and together they totally kill it. It’s like three shows in one. Or three parties in one, as they also plan to have the concert after-party Friday night, then host a pool party Saturday at the Queen Kapiolani hotel.

Congratulations to Lyanne Brooks and co. for making 4 years of Soulgasm this Friday. If you’ve ever wanted to see an entire room just dancing (and dancing damn good) you really should go to this party. Expect refreshingly good vibes, groovy house music and probably a really good way to come down from any frustrating traffic situations. As much as I was trying to go with the flow and not get too aggravated, I find myself needing a party like this. It’s OK though, I’m almost back to normal.