Social Lite

Hello, winter. You’re pretty much my favorite time of year here. Mostly because I like cardigans and scarfs. It’s really the only time I can wear those without turning into a sweating blob while doing my best to look all fashionable and hip. Also nice to have so many people returning home (and visiting) the North Shore. It’s a hub of activity now with an actual hub for all the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing events at Turtle Bay. SURFER [THE BAR] has opened, actually initiated by Surfer Magazine. Anyone who knows our hometown hero photographer Zak Noyle knows he’s moved over to Surfer as Senior Staff Photographer racking up thousands of “likes” with his photos on the magazine’s Facebook page. He also racks up millions of likes as a person in general with his insouciant and thoughtful nature. At the grand opening event in a room full of pro surfers and high profile industry veterans, he was the convivial face in the crowd as usual, making sure I met Surfer Magazine Publisher Tony Perez and Editor Brendan Thomas. They were beyond hyped to have such a great spot for 2011. The bar is set up like a high tech multimedia bar with nooks and crannies situated throughout for ESPN-style play by play recaps and interviews. There is also a fantastic screen display behind the stage, I wonder what Matt Costa is going to show when he performs there on December 5. It’s going to be an amazing night with him in such an intimate venue. I can’t wait!

Speaking of intimate venues, I’m sure by now the word has gotten around about Black Star at the Hawaii Theatre. Hip-hop in the theatre? Not too many people were certain this was such a good idea–turned out to be a fantastic. Mos Def and TalibKweli played pretty much every track from their Black Star album, in order–“Auditorium” twice, once with an encore of heavy guitar and jazzy instrumentals that had Mos Def dancing around for an extended period of time while Talib and Stay-Fahn giggled in the background on the DJ platform. It was a very special treat for the 1,300 people in the audience and also for the new nightclub at The ModernHonolulu where Talib chilled after.

Congratulations to Rising Sons who won the finals at Showdown in Chinatown this past weekend. They floored the audience of competitors, film/TV professionals and celebrities with their amazing cinematic short. One of the most impressive ever, some veterans were saying. Congrats also to Asylum Afterhours for celebrating their third anniversary this week. One of the most misunderstood venues, the boys running the private club have proven it’s truly about the music with a sickening sound system and DJs from all over the world playing there. Juan Atkins will be in town from Detroit to play and like Herc, Flash and Bam are celebrated as hip-hop’s founding fathers, so should Atkins as the father of techno. Three years in private-yet-very-misunderstood-club-years is practically a decade, so nice work guys–it’s just what some of us needed.