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Image: Christa Wittmier

Social Lite / With so many random celebrities and public figures being tagged “Style Icons” (Hayden Panettiere?), the actual meaning of the word has become somewhat irrelevant. Style Icons really depend on what your own personal style is. Trendy people probably love street-smart-meets-vagabond Alexander Wang muse Erin Wasson, or local counterpart Hugette Montesinos. Like Ara Laylo, she looks like she pretty much just walked out of a Nylon magazine photo shoot every single day. I get inspired when I see them around town, much like after watching too many back-to-back Sex and The City episodes–I’m willing to take more risks with my own outfits.

Then, most often, I see a photo after and realize all those ruffles might not have been the best idea. Someone like Diane von Furstenberg is a bit more my speed with more classic looks and not so stand-outie mixed patterns and textures. A simple, timeless wrap dress looks just fine to me. I had no idea she was actually going to be in Hawaii last week when I was invited to her Ala Moana store’s grand opening reception. Seeing her distinctive presence poised behind the counter surrounded by women from all backgrounds was a very pleasant surprise. When I say all backgrounds, I’m talking about everyone from actual royalty and distinguished notables (who can afford to shop there) to fashion enthusiasts that will one day have the passion and drive to create a line of their own. What moves a lot of women, including me, about DVF is her long-time commitment to inspire women, which is a more intuitive approach. She basically designs to empower, creating a line that she herself would want to wear. When the passion for what you are doing can show in your work, people will instinctively respond to it.

With that same passion, one of the Hawaii Fashion Incubator’s milestones has been reached. After five years of continued progress on the challenging goals they set when they were founded, they have the keys to their Fashion Resource Center. They plan to use the space at Ward Warehouse as a hub for all things fashion like their Spring Pop-Up store at Ala Moana earlier this year. Similar to what R&D has done for creatives and epicureans, and what HI Green House has done for social media and techies, the HIFI Incubator space will do for fashion. A large space for learning, creating, workshops, resources and fashion events is just a few things on the list. They expect to open in a couple of months and are getting support from the community through their IndieGoGo campaign. While raising money and making your dreams become a reality are both uphill battles, these organizations set a great example. Once you accept the fact that success doesn’t come without a price (stress, anxiety, defeat) it’s a bit easier to keep working.

Diane von Furstenberg, Ala Moana Center, Level 2, Center Court, open Mon.-Sat. 9:30am–9pm, Sun. 10am–7pm.
HIFI Incubator is coming soon.