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If you’ve ever worked in sales the saying “Under promise, over deliver” has probably been uttered somewhere near your cubicle or in the pit. It’s a pretty good dictum to keep in mind when dealing with clients. It’s not like I was expecting the old Oceans808 to re-open as another version of the same club or anything, there were just so many promises and buzz words prior to their doors opening that had me hesitant. All the modern ultra-chic sophisticated sexy sleek contemporary exclusive and even daring words could have described any one of the last five clubs to open or re-open in Honolulu. For whatever reason my expectations were a bit low, but I’m pretty sure my mouth was physically hanging wide open as I walked inside The Standard last week. They successfully transformed a place many of us grew up with into the future. Each of those awkwardly placed large pillars we all knew so well around the old dance floor are now individual works of art by Slick. Widely known for developing the Dissizit brand, he is a graffiti artist that has come way up in LA in the streets, on walls, trains, album covers, and even with his own Adidas shoe. Although the lighting is a bit bright for a night club, the ambiance is definitely something for people who want to be out and feel sophisticated, sexy, contemporary, modern and ultra-chic. Utilizing the other half of the Nocturnal Sound Krew as their in-house residents, we now have a regular place to stalk DJ Jami and DJ Logo in to the late night. After talking to the General Manager, industry prodigy Dani Chu, I decided this was going to be MY club. “We don’t have a dress code, we have a people code” she told me. “Our targeted demographic is a fashionable person who loves music, cocktails and good food. Someone that utilizes social media in their everyday life.” So, everyone? “That person might show up to the club with skinny jeans, a v-neck and a pair of chucks or a mini dress and Christian Louboutins. Fashion is fashion and it is always changing. A people code will reflect that.” You guys had me at Slick. I’m sold. No buzz words needed, this spot is legit.

As for the rest of the weekend I never really got past Friday night. I still can’t believe how many people made it to my Best Ever party. Models Krista Alvarez, Courtney Arndt, Nalani Ravelo, celebs Andy South and Grace Park, artists Jasper Wong, Joshua Southard, Kamea Hadar, Prime, and ER Crew–all the people I spend my time stalking and blogging were all together in one space! It was a dream come true. The number one comment I kept hearing over and over was how it felt like they were in Los Angeles or New York. I’m not sure why since it was all local artists that painted the warehouse, local DJs that were doing the music, local bartenders that were serving the drinks, and photos from Honolulu’s nightlife that were projected on the walls. Even though I never really agreed with comparing our nightlife to those in other cities I’ll go ahead and take it as a compliment. There’s nothing better as a host than to see people having such a great time at your party. It was the best Birthday/Christmas present ever. Thank you.