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Kealoha Mahone: Best Dressed of 2011
Image: John Hook

I’m savoring these last few days of the year. Everyone is home, the energy is alive and so much more accepting because people are already happy, instead of looking for other people to make them happy. It’s a subtle difference but one that I’m sensitive to. This week–between Christmas and New Year’s Eve–is like one big release. No more shopping to do. No more work stress. Just One Last Party.

This year’s end in Chinatown welcomes back two of my favorite Los Angeles DJs’ Nicky Savage at Nextdoor and Ms. Christine Renee at thirtyninehotel. Not like either place needs something too exciting to get people to Chinatown. I’ve spent years in that area on the eve of the New Year, never disappointed. It’s more about the acquaintances than the entertainment, but don’t get me wrong, both are good.

Waikiki? That’s usually the scary part, but it might just be worth it this year. With large fancy-fancy glittery events at RumFire, Trump, and The Modern, each expecting over 600 guests–that’s a lot of cabs–it’s sure to be a heck of a night out. I’ve said it before, and I think it’s worth saying again–Do Not Chase the Party. Wherever you go, that’s where you are at. Stay. Enjoy it. Make the most of the night. You only get one chance to ring in the New Year then guess what? Every single night after that is another chance. We can do this.

Before Saturday even happens, I have to say I’m pretty excited about K-LUV’s only Hawaii show he is doing since he’s been back in town. This guy had magic written all over him from the first time I saw him performing with Lost at Sea at the Waterpark back in like 2007. A kickass reggae surf rock band with a killer sax player, a lead singer with dreamy eyes and an even more dreamy voice, and this MC that was like a Hawaiian Zack de la Rocha made me instantly want the entire band to be my boyfriend. Five years later they are each still doing their part to contribute to the scene musically and visually. K-luv’s only show will be a special treat for hip hop fans as he shows us what he’s been doing in California for the past few months with all new music and a performance by the new “Supergroup” consisting of K-LUV, Prie, Pro and Kwalified. Their new project coming out called Palm Trees and Plastic Cups will include the track that I can’t stop listening to called Swag Set to Kill. A wiggle-inducing track with a bouncy raw beat that’s been making the college crowds in California go nuts when they perform it. The best part? A special performance by the Hype 5-0 squad. Some might remember them from America’s Next Best Dance Crew. If there was a show I would ever say don’t miss it’s this one. Do not miss this show.

K-LUV “Home for Christmas Show” featuring MOX, Pro and Prie, unveiling hip hop supergroup project “Palm Trees and Plastic Cups”
Nextdoor, 43 N. Hotel St., Thu., 12/29, 9pm–2am, 18+, 548-6398