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One of the most significant things that will probably ever happen to me in my adult life happened this past weekend. I spent all of First Friday thinking about it and it might’ve even ruined my Saturday night because nothing really seemed that interesting or exciting afterwards. All I wanted to do was explore this new and wonderful moment that has already made a momentous impact on how I do things. Those of you that have one probably already know but yes: I got an iPhone.

The fact that I waited to buy an iPhone surprises me more than anyone else. It just seemed as though I could perform all of the functions perfectly well on my Blackberry. Then Instagram came along and well, life just seemed empty. People weren’t talking as much on Twitter, and Facebook has been dead since before the holidays. But now I know where you all are! It’s a wonderful place. I can’t wait to refresh the stream and see more landscapes, food, shoes, pets and nights out. Pho never looked better, and now that I realize how many celebrities, pro skateboarders, artists, surfers and photographers use it regularly, well, just plan on me being a bit occupied for the time being.

Local producer and the “Best Twitterer of 2011 (According to Me)” Ian Kai a.k.a. BadNewsRapDudes has already taken the Instagram phenomenon and run with it. Honolulu’s first ever Instagram art show is set for February 10 at Loft in Space. He’ll be opening up a submission period this week, so all you have to do starting Wednesday to be considered is tag your photos #InstaHawaii. Photos selected will be printed and displayed at the art show and Insta-artists will be given a nice gift pack for participating. The photos will be auctioned off and everything made from the event donated to charity. The first ever Instagram art show? I got this thing just in time!

This past weekend, the Japengo Lounge at the Hyatt Waikiki Regency Resort debuted their new weekly party Capital with Tantriq Entertainment and Potent Productions, which has brought a cool blend of after-hours lounge and night club experience to Waikiki. Japango’s good because it can facilitate a romantic table for two all the way up to a party of 15. The kick off was extremely well-attended and many got VIP cards at the event which guarantees a solid crowd in weeks to come.

I feel like 2012 is going to see the return of the ultra-lounge and clubbie-club experiences. What became a bit desolate the past few years now seems to surge again with this rebirth that’s making me feel the need to get a few pairs of heels. I like it. Speaking of clubbie-clubs Happy Birthday to “The Brit” Matt Barberi at The Standard. He’s celebrating this Friday at the club with several hundred of his closest friends. If anyone can party it up right, it’s that kid. Wait, I don’t want you to grow old yet! Slow it down! See you guys on Instagram.