Social Lite

Image: Christa Wittmier

After years of receiving e-mails from an assortment of colorful individuals who reach out via my website, I have to say this past month has been the most rewarding. It’s not usually the case that I engage someone who is asking for help with random companies and such, but on a whim I decided to believe another “producer” that was “making a reality show in Hawaii.” At least this time it was a network I had actually heard of so I decided to help them out. They needed assistance finding more off-the-beaten-path activities for Playboy Playmates that were going to be in Hawaii to shoot an episode of Badass for Playboy TV. It’s an extreme reality show featuring the girls participating in outrageous stunts in different cities across the United States. Absofrickinlutely.

They arrived shortly after we first communicated and before I knew it, shooting had wrapped. They worked with just about everyone I referred them to, including the Hans Hedemann Surf School and a very well-known local pig hunter. The finale slash culmination was this past Saturday at The Standard, where the Playmates played and frolicked in the VIP Cabanas at the new nightclub. I wasn’t sure how many people would really be interested in partying with them but it turns out many. There was already a decent line when I arrived just before midnight, and I was beyond stoked to see the table I reserved was right next to the Playmates so I could creep what they were doing without being super conspicuous. It was pretty much exactly what I pictured in my head before arriving: a few good looking girls dancing around for cameras while the rest of the club tried to get a good view.

After a while everyone went back to having their own good time but all hell broke loose when the SOJA concert was over. The entire band, some of The Green, Anuhea and even Jehua from Natural Vibes all showed up along with known-for-raging Daniel Gray and Mark Becker with a bevy of some of my favorite local It Girls. The girls were ready to party, quickly jumping up on the couches and dancing, giving the Playmates such a run for their money that their camera men actually told them to please be more mellow, they were filming. Then it turned in to lap dance city and pretty much not one person complained after that. I have to say, our local girls pretty much dusted the Playmates, and they didn’t even have to take off their clothes. It was one of the best nights out in a while. I’m such a sucker for a pretty face.

This week is the annual invasion for the Pro Bowl and of all the official and unofficial pre- and post-parties planned the most exciting event so far looks like the Star Lounge Pro Bowl Luau Hosted by ESPN Sportscenter anchor Neil Everett, mainly because it’s at the new Aulani: Disney Resort & Spa. Luaus with NFL players always remind me of Blue Crush. Hopefully Rihanna is still here–she’s someone I wouldn’t mind rubbing elbows with. Like a fool I stayed in Friday night instead of grabbing that opportunity when she was at Addiction. We’ll see who decides to pop in this weekend.