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Image: Robert Kaneshi

Electronic dance music (EDM) has come along nicely in the last decade. I remember ta dirty garage music sound I was into when I lived in the UK–a genre that’s since made love with some drum ‘n’ bass to conceive the beautiful hapa dubstep babies this new generation is having so much fun with. It feels to me like now more than ever music is really evolving. I find it interesting then that the stereotypes have taken so much longer. This past weekend the whole “raver” thing was all I kept thinking about. “Really? There are still ravers?” Well, of course there are, silly. Just because I’m hitting my middle age years doesn’t mean everyone else is. The kids today still want to have fun.

Despite my midlife semi-crisis, of all the events, clubs and parties I go to, the EDM parties I hit up are usually the most fun, or at least the most memorable. Sometimes I sit and dissect why massive crowds like to listen only to Top 40 when they’re out. There are some who just aren’t out for the music. They’re out to meet their future wife or husband.

Take PearlUltra Lounge. I was there Friday when they turned out all the lights and stopped playing Rihanna. They filled the club with smoke, turned on the lasers and spun house and dubstep. Their loyal regulars (already on the dance floor at 10pm! Swoon!) stopped for a beat, continued to smile at each other and dance away. They didn’t care. They weren’t there for the music. As much as I wanted to cringe and say, “You don’t get it!” I was actually happy for them, and for Pearl. Sometimes the music just isn’t the main focus for people.

Just don’t tell EDM promoter Cameron Peppers of Odin Works. It may send him on one of his customary Internet rants. You can’t win them all, babe. Congratulations on making it through a successful 364 days of the Blackout parties at SoHo Mixed Media Bar though. Only on three-day weekends, Blackout usually coincides with my own Bacardi Pool Parties and they’re my official/un-official after parties. I really can’t think of anything better. The larger room is all wet with UV paint guns and body paint; the smaller room is kept dry with just great dance music. Best part is Cameron already has 2012 mapped out. All dance music with visiting headliners each event, starting with Kutski, named “Best UK DJ” for both 2010 and 2011 at the Hard Dance Awards (yes, they have those).

Speaking of awards! Is The Descendants going to grab some Oscars or WHAT?! So happy for Kaui Hart Hemmings, Alexander Payne and all of the Hawaii crew for their two Golden Globes this past weekend. I’m definitely going to be at the Oscars to watch them win. The HIFF Oscars, that is. I mean, why not do it as a charity thing since it’s pretty much impossible to spend too much time away from this PLUR-fect city anyway?

Blackout 2012 Schedule: SoHo Mixed Media Bar, 80 S. Pauahi St., 2/19, 3/25, 5/27, 9/2, 10/7, []