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Team Compose (and Jami, and SSSolution, and ALL OF THEM!)
Image: Christa Wittmier

This past weekend blew me away. I didn’t even make it out Saturday night even though I got a ticket to DJ Krush. It was one of those things where I was pretty damn satisfied with Friday night, when back to back events were super fresh and unique, well attended, creative and just competitive enough to really bring out the best in people.

The first was Ian Kai’sInstahawaii show at Loft in Space. It takes out all the noise and just displays the visuals, which is pretty much all I’m after anyway. I love my friends but the wordiness of Facebook and Twitter has really been feeling like a waste of time since discovering Instagram. Give me some visual stimulation, damn it. The Instahawaii show was just that, IRL. Ian had to go through over 2500 entries of beautiful photos tagged with #Instahawaii to pick 24 to display for auction with proceeds going to the Hawaii Art’s Alliance. Some of the best we have in Hawaii were from the obvious users like Zak Noyle, Brooke Dombroski, Aly Ishikuni and Nicole Naone. These people are amazing on a global scale, with over a million followers combined. PhotoopsHawaii was there giving free photo booth prints to anyone who Instagram’d their photo with #Photoopshawaii making sure everyone walked away with something.

The Red Bull 3Style event later that night–just forget about it. If you weren’t there I really don’t know what to say, except, that…it was the best. Red Bull had selected eight very talented, very versatile and highly technically skilled DJs to compete at Soho Mixed Media Bar. The winner will represent Hawaii versus LA DJs in a regional competition. Earlier at the Instahawaii event I bumped into a hyped as usual Tyler Dickinson from Addiction with a backpack full of shirts he made to root for his resident Compose. Rocking the Compose shirt that night, sweating my hair off with my hands in the air along with the most packed crowd I’ve seen in a while of EVERYONE from all walks of industry life, while he just murdered it on stage, I knew it was a special moment. New kid in town (in nightlife years) and #CheckIn resident DJ Soundcheck really had his opportunity to show everyone what he’s capable of, playing over 28 tracks and five genres in his 15 minute segment. Sssolution and Jami of Nocturnal Sound Krew also made sure we knew they were still in the building. None of the DJs disappointed, which is what made the night so great. We see these guys in the corner at The Manifest or in the remote, almost forgotten DJ boxes at The Standard and Addiction every week, but this was the night we really saw them.

This week is the first and only vacation Iʻll take from my day job to pull together the Pow Wow. The artists have all touched down now and are keeping us so busy and inspired, I am finding myself taking notes! It’s such a magnificent gathering, and it’s happening here. I can’t wait for you to see what they do.

Check it out