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“George Clooney” with Molly Watanabe. You had to be there.

“Thrilled. Honored. Excited. Amazing. I am very tired of these words,” Kaui Hart Hemmings tweeted from the 84th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles Sunday evening without knowing at the time that she pretty much won.

Sundays aren’t the easiest days to get all fancy and be somewhere by 5pm, but the Hawaii International Film Festival’s Oscar Night America is one of the only 50 “Official” Oscar parties across the nation. All black tie and red carpet at the Halekulani, the event was complete with official larger-than-life Oscar silk banners, a fantastic multi-course dinner crafted by ChefVikram Garg (each named after the Best Picture nominees), an early broadcast of the awards and the same programs that guests at the Hollywood & Highland Center were given.

It’s a pretty special night– Hawaii film up for multiple awards or not. While tickets sell out to the local celebrity-ridden fundraiser every year, some years are definitely better than others. Like this one! I have been slobbering all over The Descendants ever since reading the book (in, like, a day) and falling in love with Hemmings’s deadpan humor and totally relatable writing style.

There are many people here that were involved with the film who were just as excited as I was, and you can bet the energy was electric in the room as Angelina Jolie took the stage to announce the nominees for Best Adapted Screenplay. It put a hush over the crowd like I’ve never seen at an Oscar party. The Hawaii Five-0 table, with visiting guest star Ed Asner, local favorite Kona Carmack, executive producer Peter Lenkov and production supervisor Angie Laprete should be very proud too, as many of the crew members on their CBS hit show helped make the film. It’s one thing to be able to finish a novel, which was exciting. It’s another thing to have that novel optioned for a film by an award-winning director, which is very exciting. But it’s like the holy grail of OMG! to have that novel’s adapted screenplay win an Oscar. You feel me? Best night ever.

This weekend Los Angeles is coming back to Honolulu with one of my favorite stylie-stylie daytime parties ever. Aloe Blacc is back and I’m pretty sure with all his successes last year that he’s got that dolla-dolla he’s been needing. They are here at Fresh Café on Saturday for The Lei Over, a party that Adidas Originals turned in to one of the most glorious ways ever to have some drinks and socialize on Sunday. Think arty t-shirt wearing dudes and supermodel looking women. The fact that they are doing it on a Saturday just means we get an extra day to recover. Lastly, since I have Los Angeles on my mind, a huge congratulations to The Rising Sons, who got their first submission approved; Until the Sun Sets will be screened at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in May. That’s one of the best film festivals to be at (besides ours) since it’s right in the heart of all that star-studded action. If there was ever a reason/excuse to take a weekend trip, that should be it.