Social Lite

Getting by with help from her friends; Rudified Riana with Big Mox, Blu and BoneHI
Image: Christa Wittmier

Don’t you ever get island fever? I was only there for six days and was already seeing the same people everywhere we went,” my friend from New Zealand remarked after I asked him when he could come back.

How about you come here, he was asking.

No way, I responded. I have a hard time even leaving for a few days. When I do actually make it off the island, I find myself incessantly talking about Hawaii to whoever will listen. Even if it has no place in the conversation, I find a way to make it fit. “Really, this is the diner where Lana Turner was discovered? Have you ever tried the cheese sticks at Downbeat Diner? They should be famous too.”

This place has got me on lock.

I guess it’s because even though, yes, it’s the same people doing mostly the same things every weekend, it’s also not. There are just the right amount of new people and new parties and new clubs popping up to keep it fun. In just a few short weeks we get to see what the Element Group has done to the old Paparazzi, a location that works for those of us not interested in driving to Waikiki or for the three people who still don’t know how to park in Chinatown. Vice Nightclub will be yet another option for the clubbie club set, and since its Yosh guys behind it, I have all the faith in the world it will be an excellent choice this summer.

Parties and concerts are coming along nicely too. One to watch? Rudified Media, a.k.a. Riana Stellberg, beefing up her concert resume after bringing out BLU this past weekend with Dead Prez coming up on April 4 at Nextdoor. BLU, in collaboration with Nextdoor and Justin Bone Kaneshiro, had a fantastic turnout with all the right people. The support the hip-hop community has for her is tremendous, and it’s definitely her hard work paying off. Why? She just gets it. “The most important thing I learned is to adapt. If something doesn’t go your way, instead of thinking about how bad you messed up or how the situation is messed up, I learned that you just have to suck it up, move on and figure out how to fix or make the situation better,” she told me after calmly side-stepping many bumps in the road to making that show happen.

One of my favorite It Girls Mariko Marie is back in Honolulu to open her own hostess bar this week called Geisha. Not like that’s the kind of place I’d frequent, but it’s nice to know she is home making a life in Honolulu instead of Las Vegas or Hollywood. We need you here, girlfriend.

Lastly, congratulations to Sing the Body for their fantastic performance at the Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands last weekend. The incredibly talented two-man band has been making waves in the indie rock scene for the past year, but now they really have a chance to show the world what they’re made of. Hopefully, they get the online support they need to advance, as now it’s all about the online votes, which unfortunately held back our deadbeats last time. We have a million people here–we should be able to help boost them up over to London. Just download their track when it’s ready, you guys. Let’s show the world what we already know: Hawaii is the best place in the world.

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