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Superstar bartenders, the real reason St Patricks day rules

Saturday night was seriously one for the books. It all started with another massive party on Merchant and Nuuanu celebrating Murphy’s 25th St. Paddy’s Day event. Man, time must be flying by for Mr. and Mrs. Murphy. I spent the evening hanging out behind the bar where Dave Newman, Kyle Reutner, Maria Burke and Trevor Kalinowska were pouring drinks, geeking out on how awesome they are; the best bartenders in the state as far as I’m concerned. Sure they were merely pouring Irish whiskey into plastic cups, but watching how fast they can move through the droves of people, while never slowing down for five hours was so pro. I can visit them at their respective bars anytime–Nobu, town, Nextdoor and Sansei–to see how perfectly they use things like maraschino and bitters in their drinks, but keeping the line moving as quickly as they did in the craziness of this street fest is true talent. Like Murphy’s Jonathan Schwalbenitz says, “This is the day we’re all Irish.” The lines in the surrounding clubs after the party were massive too, around the block even, and everyone, including those that were supposed to be tucked away for their loyal regulars like Hank’s and The Dragon Upstairs were crowded and loving it.

Any month that has more than one First Friday is a good month for Downtown. Nothing but smiles and singing and dancing. I dipped out earlier than usual, but on block party nights 11pm feels like 2am. Thinking Addiction would be a good choice since they flew their crazy friend Brian Fowler back to Hawaii, I headed to the outskirts of Waikiki. Fowler is known in Los Angeles as DJ BeeFOWL and everyone knows why the second they see him play. A talented performer with a background in music, he’s well known for his crazy shows playing a live drum accompaniment to his pre-programmed set lists with his friends all dressed in giant furry costumes as the go-go dancers. The funniest and weirdest thing is how he would wrap duct-tape around his head to keep his headphones on while wildly going to town on his drum set. Weirdo is an understatement, but this guy makes weird look good. Saturday was no exception as he showed up for his set in a leprechaun costume he snagged from Party City as soon as he landed. The AVICII track backwards was just the tip, really, but you can bet the people in that little club were all going just as nuts as he was. Djs like him are what really makes the scene pop. Just when I’m wondering why any club would spend the money to fly out a headliner when there are so many good DJs here, it all makes sense. There’s nothing wrong with a little weirdness, especially on what was quickly becoming the Best Saturday Ever. Catching Thomas Koch aka DJ T later that night at Asylum Afterhours rounded off a full twelve hours of being out. A 20-year veteran in electronic music, the guy pretty much can do anything. Hailing from Berlin, we have yet another international superstar that’s been left with a great impression of Hawaii thanks to the private club. I’m really not sure what can top this past Saturday–I definitely don’t have the stamina to do it every weekend, but I sure as hell will keep trying.

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