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Philip Pendleton is a rock star. Not even so much for being the P in BAMP, but because he has spent nine years as the Hawaii sales and marketing manager for RVCA, one of the most recognizable brands in streetwear, art and now Mixed Martial Arts (thanks BJ). It seems like it’s been ages since I’ve seen him, and I found out (thank you Instagram) that it’s because he recently had a baby. Aw.

So I saw that Dave Choe painted you a whale. Holy crap are you kidding me?! What’s the deal with that?

Choe is my homeboy. He’s out here every year to eat Zippy’s oxtail soup and rage at all the karaoke spots. I’m planning on selling all my Choe paintings and using the money to buy MySpace so we can have social network duels. MySpace probably cost $30-40,000 to buy nowadays right? He did the art for a Bad Brains show poster for us a few years ago. He sent like six versions that are all probably worth more that the band got paid for the show now.

Yes no doubt he’s beyond rich now. Do you think he’ll give me a dollar?

Ha ha, probably.

Any plans with the Artist Network Program for 2012? I really miss that in Hawaii. OMG remember Mice parade and David Choe and Matt Gordon? Can we get Bon Iver and Banksy??

We definitely have more events with RVCA Artist Network Program coming up. We want to line up with Pow Wow to try and get Barry McGee or one of the RVCA guys out to Hawaii to be a part of the Pow Wow movement. I think its great building a stronger arts community in Hawaii.

So Morrissey in May huh? I was all excited about that show until I listened to his albums again and realized I only know like two of his songs :(

Only two Morrissey songs! Yah but how many Smiths songs do you know!? He plays 70 percent of the set with Smiths’ greatest hits. It’s going to be unreal at Kakaako. May 19. That’s another new venue we have established in Hawaii. It’s one of the best places to see live music I’ve ever seen.

What else you guys have coming up?

I’m most excited about: The Shins at The Blaisdell on April 17, Jimmy Cliff the next day on April 18, then Jack Johnson April 19 on Kauai. Really rad three days of music.

Holy all-across-the-board! You guys are going to have a nuts weekend for sure. Anything coming up that you can’t talk about but that you’ll talk about with me? :) :)

Other dope stuff coming up for BAMP that people don’t fully know about yet. . . . The Republik music festival, year two, is June 9 on Oahu at Kakaako Amphitheater and June 10, Maui. The lineup is going to be super sick again. We started the festival to promote the name of our new venue “The Republik” and sold it out the first year. This year is going to top last year, which we thought was going to be tough, but tons of big bands are asking to be involved with the festival, so we are pretty fortunate. We will be announcing them probably in May.

Check it out