Social Lite

Sean Saiki and Bryan “Yosh” Yoshida keeping the clubs alive.
Image: Christa Wittmier

This place is perfect. I love the layout. I love how wherever you are in the club you have a good view of the dance floor. I love how it’s big but set up so it’s not just a big open space,” nightlife veteran Flash Hansen said as he expertly summed up Rumours while we judged the costume contest last week for Springoween. I could see in his expression that he wanted to take over the place. Hell, his excitement made me kind of want to, too.

Because there’s more. Plenty of parking, chairs situated for lurking around the not-too-big dance floor, lots of nooks and crannies to fill with your people yet still be seen, real estate right on the outskirts of Waikiki, and (best part) open until 4am. Could Rumours be the new Wave we’ve all been waiting for? I still can’t believe that there hasn’t been anything to fill that void since they closed. It’s been years.

I was starting to rationalize to myself that some things are so good they just can’t be replaced, and if you try, it will be lame. I love V Lounge and Bar Seven as much as the next person, but we both know it’s not the same.

“We’ve been doing very well over here, just not with anyone you or I would ever know,” laughed Rumours General Manager Vince DiPietro, when I asked how business was. It’s definitely steadier than most places, with regular private events and a bevy of forty-somethings who still have party in them. There truly is something for everyone. I didn’t see as many co-eds out as I thought I would, and trust me, I was looking. It was spring break. Where was everyone? Mai Tai Bar, apparently. I heard it was packed solid there all week.

The Get Right was at capacity by 11:30, but it’s been like that for a while now, spring break or not. One of my favorite directors is back in town to shoot another episode of Hawaii Five-0, and we were definitely expecting to show him a crazy(er) time. Larry Teng just might be one of the youngest directors ever in the world, at least that’s what we were telling people. It’s not like he’s Dougie Howser, but I mean the guy is my age and has been directing TV shows for like seven years. In any case, since Five-0 is getting down to the last couple episodes of the season, it’s awesome to have him back. “Expect to see more of me next season,” he told me over drinks at Mercury Bar. Sweet. Deciding not to renew their lease at Ka and just move down to the old Brew Moon, the Element Group opened up Vice Nightclub this past weekend. Not much was different, besides everything. The ceiling over the dance floor is rows and rows of L.E.D. rods that Yosh made himself, and the DJ booth is in that super high raised-up godlike way that reminds me of the clubs in Ibiza. The layout didn’t change much, but the people running it did. I’m expecting good things from these guys, especially after finally seeing where all the rest of those spring breakers went last weekend (they were here). With such a solid following, it’s no surprise how the most successful promoters and club owners in this town are the ones who have been doing it for years. They know what it takes.

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