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The new organik summerline, available this week at Fishcake.
Image: Courtesy of Organik

When I think of local companies with sustainable practices I always remember the Green Style on the Garden Isle event the Hawaii Fashion Incubator pulled off on Kauai in 2008. An amazing weekend showcasing green fashion and products, panel discussions and a fashion show on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. They’ve come a long way since then, with their own space and many of the programs in place that they were only dreaming about back then. The fondest memories that weekend had to be giggly OrganikClothing founder Ed Fernandez. Darting around the island from Poipu to Hanalei, taking in as much as we possibly could in the short time we were there; it seriously made that trip. I was so happy to hear that he’s been changing these past few years and has made Organik even more successful with his signature soft vintagey feel and clever designs. My favorite from the last season had to be the QR code T-shirt. This week Organik will launch its new summer line, the beaciest one yet. Never wear stiff shirts again! Vintage feel is great, but actual vintage is even better.

I was so glad to see that Barrio Vintage moved from their artist loft to a storefront right on Nuuanu Avenue just in time for First Friday. Their stuff is just too good to be hidden away. If there’s one thing I’m terrible at its shopping. I tend to buy things that I think I might wear then never do. But Iʻve already worn the Wisconsin vintage t-shirt and grandpa cardigan I got from Barrio three times in the last five days. I’m truly a hipster now!

This past week was ridiculous. Forget about it. Not everyone had Friday off, but everyone came out for the Thursday night ME2 party at Addiction. It was pretty much the most fun I’ve had since . . . St Patrick’s Day. The best part was they finally moved the DJs out from that tiny little box way in the back corner to the front of the little club. I managed to talk both directors Bryan Spicer and Larry Teng (Hawaii Five-0) into making it a late one. “You HAVE to see this DJ, he is amazing!,” I kept telling them over drinks in the Lobby Bar. Four Color Zack is on Fools Gold Records with people like Kid Cudi, Chromeo, and A-Track, and he’s been putting out some of the best mixes on the reg for years. I knew it was going to kick so much ass. Sure enough, from the second he jumped on he had everyone in there either dancing or standing off the dance floor saying “Damn, he is good.” The lesser-known artists on big labels like this usually are the best ones to see. Much much more talent, much less ego. We don’t have to look as far as Seattle, where Zack is from, to get great mixes. Our own Compose of Nocturnal Sound Krew is about to go kill it at the Los Angeles Red Bull 3Style DJ Competition May 3 at The Playhouse in Hollywood. Heʻs just dropped his Good Times 2 mixtape which is on repeat since Sunday. Definitely worth a listen or ten if, like me, you’re getting tired of Pandora. See you in LA, Jay!

Organik Launch Event, Fishcake, 307 Kamani St., 4/13, 6pm-9pm
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