Social Lite

From the back room at Apartment3. Almost as fun as the front of the house.

You should resurrect Munch at SoHo” someone was telling Daniel Gray at Aparment3 last week. Everyone laughed pretty hard for a minute, picturing a cocktail pairing dinner in that club, but then it went into a sobering “no, but seriously” moment. It was an exquisite family dinner with quite the motley crew of who’s who gathered for an Italian-themed cocktail pairing dinner called The Last Meal. Monica Ivey from Modern Luxury, Daniel from SoHo, Flash Hansen with his parents and Chef Bob McGee (one of the originators of Munch) were all there to enjoy the last ever Munch. We joked and drank and drank and ate but as our number one go-to spot for sexy drinks and food, Apartment3, closed its doors on Sunday, the reality of the situation brought my jokes with Flash Hansen to a screeching halt. This is my best friend. The reason I am in Hawaii. The guy I can tell anything to and not worry about being judged (“That’s the best you got?” he would always answer back). The only person I know that will pick up my call at 5am, AND talk story with me. The first person to ever see any marketing power in my way of life. “I’m going to add you to my promotions team at The Wave” he said to me in 2005. “Sweet! What do you need me to do?” “Just do what you do” he said as he walked off, and just like that I had my first official gig outside the military. I didn’t even think it was possible, or that I had anything to contribute. He thought otherwise. A few short years later when we were all saying a tearful goodbye to The Wave there were many that couldn’t fathom Flash Hansen without that club. What on Earth could there be after this? Will there ever be anywhere we could all go where anything goes? Sure, Flash can joke about it and drink away all of our sorrows with us the last few nights Apartment3 was open (which we did) because the fact of the matter is: he will bounce back. He always bounces back. Anyone who knows this guy can actually see the word “bounce” when they look at him. He is a natural. It’s the consistent positive that gets everyone else in the room just as excited when he walks through the door. I was sad and worried but I’m not at all anymore. You got this, Flash. Speaking of fun, one of the most fun nightlife people I know, Lance Arinaga, is resurrecting the Chinatown area every second Saturday at Nextdoor with his party called Summer Fun. With visuals by pros like Zak Noyle, Luke Aguinaldo, Brooke Dombroski, Vincent Ricafort and Lance himself, I really don’t care about the other details. This party already sounds amazing. Lance doesn’t stop there. He’s giving away beach-themed swag-like glasses, wearables, water guns and has music by resident DJ Delve, who’s pretty much a party-music genius. Expect to hear punk, hip-hop, electro, indie, ‘80s and everything in between. Each event features different bands and DJ’s. Music acts are Alt/Air (YES!), Shopping List, GRLFRNDS, While We Were Werewolves, Timo, The Heatery, DJ Kowaikowai, Davey Shindig, Jimmy James and more. Fun people, fun party, fun music, fun summer. Nothing wrong with that.

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