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Queen Supreme
Image: Jeremiah Tayao

It has taken a very, very long time but I’m pretty sure I have figured out men. Not like they are very complicated, it’s actually the opposite. I was just complicating how simple they are. However many exceptions there might be, the scientific truth is that, although the world is now so overpopulated that it actually threatens survival of the species rather than guaranteeing it, males are still programmed to inseminate as many attractive females as possible. By the same token, nature has also encoded women to be pretty damn fierce. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s reason to celebrate. We are Queens, damn it.

Fresh Café stylie Tiffany Tanaka and promoter Riana Stellburg recently partnered to create a festival showcasing hip-hop and queens. They are calling it QUEENSUPEREME, a shout-out to one of the most awesome boutiques Honolulu ever saw. A place that welcomed shop rats with DJ tables, Krink pens, and Steve Aoki at their front yard BBQ/sale. I really miss that place. But I love what the space has evolved into since becoming Fresh Cafe and am pretty excited to see the first of what’s planned to be a quarterly festival.

The lineup is a well-rounded collection of rising females, celebrating women who play a role in urban music, fashion, art, and culture. In addition to local talent there will be a few headliners flown in. Participants’ credits include albums, national press accolades, hundreds of mixtapes and even a law and Ph.D.–an impressive level of talent all around. Besides Rocky Rivera, who has already made waves with her performances in Hawaii, I’m really looking forward to seeing Dice, whose amazing soulful voice blends with her lyrical rhymes to create a sound that’s quite unique. I’m pretty much addicted to Dice’s music right now. I’m a bit disappointed that it’s taken until now to have an event like this anywhere, but am beside myself with happiness that it’s happening in Hawaii.

This past weekend was (another) one for the books. I didn’t think anything would top Diplo’s performance at the new M but realized as I fell exhausted into bed Sunday that he just set the bar, and everything else was at that level. All. Weekend. Sorry if you follow my instagram and kept seeing that same weirdo with glasses going crazy while DJing. He really was that much fun. Los Angeles DJ BeeFowl, the same guy that crowd surfed for Compose’s Thre3style set in Los Angeles and has developed a bit of a cult following in Honolulu made a surprise visit back to rock the crap out of Addiction. I don’t know if it’s because school is out or what, but I have never seen that club rock harder on a Thursday night. Anyone there Saturday night who might have thought he had a gimmicky presence (dressed as Captain America) quickly realized they were in the presence of an original. BeeFowl packs the wit to mix current club bangers with classic hip hop and rock to make it incredibly fun. The Indie Anna Bones III mix he dropped while out here is playing nonstop and was well received at the Waikiki Ocean Club’s Service Industry Boat party on Sunday.