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Sorry, not sorry, for party rocking.
Image: Robert Kaneshi

Well, that wasn’t as crazy as I thought–this past weekend, I mean. I really thought I was going to go completely bananas. It was one of those much-anticipated sorts of weekends, starting with the last Thursday of the month–always one of my favorites, with the cocktail dinner they do at Apartment3. Man, I love that dinner. It’s so creative. Each of the four courses is paired with a cocktail called Munch that you might have heard me rave about before.

Aparment3’s monthly themes are always awesome, with May’s, appropriately, dubbed “Bubbles” to kick off their Thursday Champagne Campaign. While adding bubbles (or “sparkling” or “effervesce”) to cocktails ought to be a no-brainer for any bartender, chef Jimmy Gomez came up with a way to add sparkling or bubbles to each dish, including a show-stopping dessert of a delicate, fatty foie gras with cherry pop rocks. It was like being old and fancy and a little kid at the exact same time. The experience of tasting those two things together was enough party in my mouth to last the entire weekend. But it was only Thursday.

Speaking of Thursdays, that night is starting to become what I was hoping it would: the new Wednesday. The early pairing dinner followed by the Champagne Campaign gave way to one of the best Thursdays they’ve had in a while at Addiction. There were just enough people so it didn’t feel empty, but not at-capacity like their Friday and Saturday. All fun people, no weekend craziness. It was from heaven.

Saturday night’s Capital at Japengo got invaded by Party Rockers for Jayson Kawakami, the front man of Tantriq Entertainment and the Pink Party that is now a tradition for his birthday. After his crew spent their Friday working hard to put on their 3rd Service Industry Golf Tournament as a fundraiser for Juliet Lighter’s Women Speaking Out, they cleaned up and found their best pink shirts to celebrate. It just happened to be the weekend that Marquee Las Vegas resident DJLucky Lou was back in town to Party Rock his monthly residency at Addiction, so we were already in full gear: animal print, glasses and glow-stick headbands. It was so ridiculous, and people were definitely staring. I wanted to tell them all about my hell week at work and that I deserved to go a little bit crazy, but just danced instead. Sorry for party rocking, Capital. It was nice to get over to Addiction and fit in. It really was exactly what I needed.

This week I’m getting on a plane to support DJCompose at the Red Bull 3style semifinals in Hollywood. Last Friday he was spinning for Academy Award nominated film maker Taika Waititi, Oakland Raiders running back Darren Mcfadden, and a hip-thrusting, couch-dancing Rihanna, all in the same night at Addiction. He’s changed up his set multiple times and has been practicing nonstop for the past few weeks. There’s quite the crew of people heading over there to up that “crowd participation” category on the judging sheet. Me? I’ll take any excuse to hop over to Hollywood for a few days. That’s a super fun city. So watch this space.

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