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Nao Fukuzawa doing what he does best, guerrilla marketing
Image: Christa Wittmier

Is it Summerfun yet? No, seriously, I thought I missed it. Turns out I spaced out. It’s this weekend! Saturday night at Nextdoor, Lance Arinaga from Contrast Magazine is putting on a party that pretty much feels like it was designed for me personally with cool visual art and photography, the best DJs and actual bands playing, and all the stylies from In4mation. This weekend it’s ALT/AIR with resident DJ Delve. It’s never a bad thing when creatives take a stab at throwing parties. They already have so much good stuff going on in their head, when they can put it into something we can all experience, that’s true art.

This past Saturday, there was way too much going on. There’s usually two ways I handle it: Either just go to sleep early and say forget it all, or power through by myself and not drink. . Having to go from Nobu to Chinatown to Kakaako to Waikiki is much better sober in your own car, anyway.

By the way, there are a lot of people born this time of year. They all turned out to be big party people too. What gives? There was no way I was missing man-about-town Mark Becker’s birthday bash at Addiction, but there were also other events the same night at the same time that were unmissable. Nao Fukazawa, the grom of the Tantriq Entertainment empire, is the most recognizable with his trademark Mohawk and cartoonishly good looks. I’ve been busy pulling off back-to-back daytime weekend parties with Compose for the past three weekends, and every time I look up he’s right there asking if I need anything. No wonder Tantriq threw him a big themed birthday party at their weekly Capitol at Japengo on Saturday night. He’s the hardest working kid in show business. If there’s anyone on the island that didn’t already know that Musiq Soulchild is playing in Honolulu on August 25th, I’d be surprised. He’s taken guerrilla marketing to a whole new level.

Saturday was also the first QUEENSUPREME and such a majestic effort. It was very, very cool to be reminded that there are some damn stylish women in Hawaii.

Speaking of style, Ara Laylo and Aly Ishikuni pulled off a pretty impressive fashion display at The Modern on Sunday for the first Stoli Summer Series. They pulled from up and coming designers and boutiques like Mish Mash, BarrioVintage, Matt Bruening, and Collins & 8th and put pieces together with colorful chunky Jeffrey Campbell shoes to an invitation-only daytime party to launch the Summer issue of Flux Magazine. Flux also hired artist Robert Reed who works with performance and inflatables to create extremely colorful and unique entertainment reminiscent of his “Unnecessary Seduction” piece he did for the Spalding House/Honolulu Museum of Art. Cameras clicked and photos piled up into the feed on Instagram. Pulling back on craziness and just having a laid back daytime event attracted all the right people, and is hopefully what will work for The Modern this summer. With such a fantastic property and bars, it’s been a very long year and a half.