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So THIS is where you all are on Thursday night
Image: Christa Wittmier

I got to find out what you crazy kids are doing during the week both Tuesday and Thursday last week. It was so good that I’m a little mad that I know now. Sometimes it’s nicer not knowing. With all our social media getting so visual these days (instead of wordy) it’s not like we can’t live vicariously through each other. Don’t think I don’t lie in bed before my grown-up weeknight bedtime alternating scrolls through Instagram and Twitter to keep up with all of you. But being there with everyone and watching it through a mobile device are definitely two very different things. I’m glad I got to experience it first-hand for once. School nights are nonexistent to school people during the summer. Only working weekend warriors like me still have to suffer through the early morning drag after these summer nights out.

I already knew that Mondays go off so crazy at Lulu’s with Delve and Jami for their party called IN; all I see is people, people, people. Now with Jake Thompson’s Payday Productions starting his surf and skate Mixplate Monday back up, this time at Soho Mixed Media Bar beginning June 25, Chinatown should be raging just as hard as Waikiki. As one of the more popular 18+ events, especially with the SSS (Surf, Skate, and Shuffle) crowd, Soho’s new larger capacity and DIY ambiance is a great fit.

If that’s too crazy, thank god for Mercury Bar. Andrew Bugreyev is hosting live music every Tuesday night and he’s not messing around. Kicking it off last week with highly coveted experimental rock band At Sea, it was one of those nights where I felt very lucky to be there. Too good for words, really. It’s definitely the perfect Tuesday evening spot to hear live music, with the right size and the right sound. The first night already turned me on to two very good bands I had never heard. Seven Pairs of Iron Shoes was the standout as a stripped-down indie rock band that reminded me of someone I would hear in Seattle if grunge evolved from what it was in the ‘90s to something relevant now. Alternating the band’s breaks with drinks and bites at Rakuen and hellos at Soho’s friends & family Three Year Anniversary party, and a birthday shot with Mark Chittom who happened to be chilling at the bar at Bambu Two, it was good to be in Chinatown. I felt very lucky. I stayed out way too late and was glad to do it.

That’s exactly how I would describe the Classixx show last week, too. Too good for words. If I could describe their style to anyone that doesn’t know them, it would be like a groovy, dancie, electronie Band of Horses. That glassy sound that echoes through your entire body. Only more Nu-Disco. Oh man. We took them to Flash and Tantriq’s Manor party at M (the old Standard) after and showed them how Honolulu parties on a Friday night. It turned into the longest best night ever, so good that I totally slept through Saturday night. After all those weeknights out it wasn’t even really needed this week. There’s always next weekend, right?