Social Lite

Sunday Tea at RumFire with DJ/husband Compose.
Image: Christa Wittmier

I love love. It gets so boring and lonely when you find yourself not interested or crushing on anyone at all. Even made-up crushes like “work husbands” pale so much in comparison to when you’re really feeling it. It’s been a joke, lately, that’s maybe not that funny among some of my friends–how single we are. Not that funny because, Hey! We aren’t getting any younger. Funny because, Come on, who can really manage raising a family in an industry that has you up until dawn every weekend?

Anyone reading this who already has children is for sure shaking their head at me. My sister does it all the time. Everything changes when you have kids, and you figure out a way to make it all work. You find a way when you’re in love.

Sigh, love. I miss that whole-body and -brain consumption sort of thing it does to you. Especially in the beginning. It’s not like you can really make the conscious decision for when or with whom it will happen, but when it’s not happening it’s hard not to think about.

Things like this cross my mind when I need a date. Which happens all the time. Work requires many nights where the bells and whistles (and yummy food–you’ll never hear me complain) is provided and all I have to do in return is be there. While I’m very lucky to have a few male colleagues that are always down to kick it with some free dinner and conversation, it would be nice to actually have someone that makes me all nervous and excited. I have no shame admitting when I’m into someone every single detail they wish to cue me in on is the most interesting information ever in the world. Hey, I go 100 percent. All in. It’s a tad risky on the heartbreak front, but worth it for the risk of true happiness.

It also dwells on my mind during family theme weekends like this, where I find myself saying “Happy Father’s Day” to more and more friends each year. It seems like yesterday I was only saying it to one person: My dad.

This weekend, I’ll be one of the single ladies at the New Edition 30th Anniversary Concert Sunday, on a(nother) platonic date to hear the hip pop songsters of my youth tell me to “Cool it now.” This is a group I listened to and loved before I really even knew what music was. I was too young to understand their lyrics but they sure had me singing them all. Having all original members here is a huge treat. Sunday is also a pretty fun tea time in Waikiki at RumFire where they are doing tea service. You get the cutesy three-layer tea set and any one of their pretty large selection of spiked tea cocktails. You also get music, the view, an incredible breeze that will clear away any hangover and a fantastic option to recap the night before. All for $20. I have no idea how they make money from it but it definitely made my Sunday this past week.

With these things and it also being a Shake & Pop weekend, one of the best reasons to be in Chinatown besides Summerfun (and Lucky Belly), there’s really no chance of anything but happiness. Love or no love.