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Image: mark kushimi

Lance. You know, LANCE. The shaggy haired cutie pie surfer kid that’s always everywhere,” I was telling people last week. “You know him, trust me, you know him.” How could so many people not know Lance Arinaga? I figured out that pretty much everyone does; they just didn’t know his name. I found myself Googling him more than once when everyone was asking me what I was up to this past weekend. Dude, Summerfun. Lance’s party. You going? “Who’s Lance?” and so it went.

You know me. I’m excited about everything. This party though? It puts me over the moon. There are just so many details that make a party one I want to go to and Lance nails it every time. As an event person, I can totally see between the lines when I’m out. I’m sure it’s the same in every industry–when you can tell that someone is working pretty damn hard. In my industry, knowing everyone is one thing–getting them all into a room is something else. Utilizing whatever bells and whistles (my favorite!) whenever possible or taking extra steps to provide unique stuff to look at or hear that will keep all those people happy and entertained is the benchmark that not necessarily everyone can hit. Lance does really well with that and he knows such a wickedly diverse and creative bunch of people . . . that also love to party. Then of course, there’s the music. If I walk into a spot and hear Rage Against the Machine, the Smiths, Drake (of course, because you can never not play Drake in a club), Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World all in the same set, I figure that DJ spinning must either be friends with everyone in that room, extremely brave, or spinning his last set ever in life and just doesn’t care. It’s just Summerfun, and that’s resident DJ Delve, and it’s why I love it, and so does everyone else in the room.

Lance wasn’t the only one that made my Saturday night awesome. Pretty much everything happening on Hotel Street that night was going off. Popping up to Artilect at thirtyninehotel to a nicely filled room of dancing happy people for Justin Martin I stayed a bit longer than I had planned only because the music was so perfect. Man those Dirty Bird guys don’t mess around. No wonder they get flown around the world. In typical Chinatown fashion, it was also just as much fun cruising outside mingling with the regulars on Hotel Street. I got to see Landon Tom on a rare night out and he was as excited as I was, just for other reasons: The Jump Offs are opening for Bloc Party. I was already excited for Bloc Party–that’s just some indie rock icing on the cake. It was also awesome to bump into artist Nicole Naone to tell me how her first solo art show is coming along. I loved looking and staring at her mural piece outside Nextdoor on Hotel Street with all its black-line intricate hidden (and obvious) messages and love that she’s working with completely different mediums and expanding her comfort zone with pieces that might still have secrets, but in a plain sight sort of way. I really can’t wait for this show.