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Never not bored with Tantriq
Image: courtsey of the artist

When you get asked the same thing over and over it messes with your head sometimes. Let me be clear for the last time: no. I really don’t get bored with the nightlife here. Granted, it’s usually people in other countries asking this question, scrolling through the same spots on my Instagram, curious to know where the energy comes from and eventually whining “Don’t you ever get bored with such a small city?” To which I say, “Why don’t you either come here so we can get down, or stay there and double tap your phone screen, my friend?” I guess they know a different me, not wanting to come off my 5-year trip through Europe after embracing the the deep appreciation for family and community that Europeans have. It was only after a quick port stop in Honolulu that I caught a slight inkling of the island climate and community, and after a three year assignment, I was hooked. Here we are, going on ten years and not even close to being bored, yet. Upload, scroll, double tap.

Truth is, sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all that’s happening in Honolulu. Every time I go somewhere I haven’t been in months, or see another new band or meet a whole new crew of fun people, I get that twang of missing out in the chest. Every time I log in to my email or on to facebook there’s another fun party or concert. Every time I go out for a drink there’s a new person to get to know. Never. Ending. Happiness.

In the promoter game, where the top guys have been at it for more than 10 years, Tantriq Entertainment is considered the up-and-comers. I never understood how you can have so many people splitting the pot but also see how it can be much more of a benefit to have such a well-rounded solid crew. I mean look at them. Jay Kawakami and Jansen Tanaka are like the dads, Sebastian Valdes is the stylie, Jamie Wakayama is the hottie, Tyler Harrison is the grom-slash-workhorse and Nao Fukazawa is the mascot. Even if nobody shows up to their party, it’s a party. Partnering with veteran Architechs Blaise Sato, XL and Chris Kam to bring on a new monthly is their Bacon party, August 4th at Yogurstory. Our favorite waffles are about to get tray-passed with a side of bacon at a relaxed dress code setting. I’m not too fussed if Delve is spinning and all those guys (and girl) are there. They could do a party in a parking lot and it would still be fun.

Never getting bored with bass, the Pacific Jungle Crew are about to make seven years of Subphonix in October. This Saturday they present DJ Packo’s release party for Aquadust III. He is a scratch artist extraordinaire, and it was he I thought of at the crazy fun Cut Chemist show last weekend. I’m so glad people still love and respect turntablism. In a world where most deejays are playing what people want to hear, Packo sits pretty in the highly technical, relatively new, and constantly expanding world of dubstep. That is one incredibly intelligent, incredibly gifted musician. Sorry, but no. I will never be bored.