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Welcome Back Tom
Image: Robert Kunishi

I love Landon Tom (lead singer of the Jump Offs). Like, love love. Like I would marry him right now, today. He’s a lot shorter than me (like everyone, duh) so he’s probably not that into it. He’s just got so much going on in his head that I find it incredibly sexy. The fact that he’s so attractive is just a side thing, really. His brain has been revealed to me from being his Twitter friend for the past five or six years and I like it all. Everything that comes out of his mouth (fingers?) is pure gold.

The Jump Offs have been one of my favorite local bands for a while– I’ve conned them into playing a few of my own parties, just for my own entertainment, and it was an added bonus that they lit the entire room up. Thanks for coming through, guys. After an eight-month hiatus they are back and it’s not just like a “Hi, we’re back guys” sort of comeback. They’re opening for Bloc Party, which is also making a bit of a comeback at the first show in one of Honolulu’s most anticipated concert venues we’ve seen in a long time (The Republik, see “party” Hot Pick, p. 8). This? Is a big deal. Here’s my Q&A with Landon.

Dude. Where you been? Lots and lots of waiting tables. Also went back to college and I ride my bicycle a whole ton now, it’s now my main mode of transportation

So now there’s another album? There’s that album we recorded in 2009 here in Hawaii and then we went up to LA and recorded the one we’re sitting on right now. The 2009 record isn’t available anymore but the new one is about to be one gigantic year of release parties haha.

Tell me more about LA. Recording with Manny [Nieto, LA producer for Estudio Intl) was great. LA was an eye opener for lots of us and the whole project was a fun experience. Everything was recorded on old analog equipment and we probably spent about 12 hours a day for two weeks hanging out in the studio. We consumed a ton of beer and street tacos.

When do you find is like your creative peak? A lot of it comes from being in rehearsal with the guys in the band. I think I feed off of their creativity a lot of the time.

Who writes the music? Is it a joint effort ? 60/40? 80/20? We’re usually all there the first time we jam something new. It tends to evolve from there over a few rehearsals and I think all of us take the trial version of the song and tweak it on our own for the next practice. It’s 20/20/20/20/30. I’m 30 because I have to write emails and stuff.

You guys are actually pretty experienced opening for big acts , now Bloc Party. Excited? They’re an amazing band and are still really relevant. Lots of bands out today, including ourselves, were listening to Bloc Party before we became a band.

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