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Hawaii Five-0 camera operator Michael Martinez celebrated his birthday in Honolulu last weekend.
Image: Christa Wittmier

With all the excitement surrounding the production of Catching Fire coming to Hawaii there’s a lot of disappointed people, too. Mostly the Hawaii Five-0 crew, who won’t be able to jump on the movie project set to film on Kauai due to timing with their own shooting schedule. Credited cast for the Hunger Games sequel will include Lenny Kravitz, Donald Sutherland and Woody Harrelson, among many others. While such a large production is extremely good for Hawai’i’s economy, the third season of Hawaii Five-0 is nothing to be bummed about. As they begin shooting, there are already new guest star announcements and more to come.

I don’t know how Sean Saiki is doing it, but he’s cooking all the Louisiana-style Cajun seafood at the Raging Crab, the new restaurant he and JC Moto opened in Samsung Plaza on Keeaumoku. He already has quite a bit going on with Ginza, Tsunami and Vice Nightclub, I’m still in disbelief that it was him behind all the boiling pots and pans when I poked my head in the new kitchen. I really just wanted to say thank you for nailing it; it’s been a long time since I’ve had crab legs that were so delicious. Sharing scissors to cut them open with his Element Group partner Bryan “Yosh” Yoshida, I got scolded for missing their big July 3 rave at Aloha Tower but invited to see trance DJ Shogun perform last Saturday night at Vice. An Asian–American former Ministry of Sound resident named by DJ Magazine as one of the Top 250 DJs last year? Who is ridiculously good looking? Twist my arm. I had no idea what I was in for. The place was stupid packed. Everyone was either gridlocking the narrow spaces to get to the large dance floor or going bananas, waving LED foam sticks up at the 10-foot-high DJ booth. Without that nice big lanai to chill out on, I would have felt extremely claustrophobic. The sound system was incredible; perfect for Shogun’s back-to-back-to-back anthems that felt like they were resonating through my bones. The Element Group is definitely on an EDM kick right now with this new club and I love that they are exposing their huge following to dance music. Not like I hate all those hip-hop club-bangers that get embedded in my brain, right through the following morning, but maybe I do a little. I can’t count how many times I’ve brushed my teeth to “Mercy.” I’d rather walk to my car humming Friendly Fires, but that’s just me. The second someone like DJ Soundcheck goes off on a Nu Disco tangent at #Checkin, the girls start piling in to the DJ booth requesting Rihanna. They need something to dance to. I know it’s a nightlife argument I’ll never win but at least there are places like Vice and thirtyninehotel that appreciate the grooviness of dance music variety. Speaking of which, thirtyninehotel brings back its core event Space Truckin with New York producer and highly acclaimed DJ Tim Sweeney next month. They also welcome Justin Martin from Dirty Bird records this weekend for their monthly Artilect party brought to us by the Asylum folks.