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Marimekko Converse synonymous with meeting Onra? Yup.
Image: Christa Wittmier

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Event promotors and writers with deadlines know this most: time runs away much faster than it should. Or maybe it’s just that August always seems to fly past, the last summer hurrah month, always turning in to Labor Day weekend, like that. Treating the 5:30pm Sunday showing of To Rome with Love at Kahala Theaters like a mandatory business meeting was the best thing I did to myself last week. That film was perfect. In a brain where countless thoughts and qualms are swimming around, there’s nobody like Woody Allen to reel it all in with his polygonal plots, sub-plots and sub-sub-plots. Growing up, I loved everything about the movie director but was never able to connect with the city he loves so much. I spent the most formative years of my life running around Rome, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much of the film was spoken in Italian, a language that is the perfect blend of romantic and assertive. Hearing that language spoken is like listening to music; it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of it all.

Out of all the people making the (right) decision to spend their vacation in Hawai’i, I was most excited about pro skater and actor Javier Núñez last week. Of course he knows David Lin (there’s nobody in street culture who doesn’t), so I got to accompany him and his fellow street-stylie mothership Supreme store co-worker on a trip around the nightlife Friday night that would have most people’s heads spinning. “CW is the ultimate host,” Lin told the actor/skater as we jumped in the back of A’ala Park Boardshop owner Chad Hiyakumoto’s truck to go from the Mickey Avalon concert to restaurant row. With hosts like Stussy/Leilow’s Jules Gayton and Lin, it’s no surprise these two made their own hashtag for the vacation. “Our friends are so jealous,” the How to Make it in America actor told me as I scrolled through his #Hawaii5bro stream. Who wouldn’t be? This city is way better than Rome in a lot of ways. Experiencing everything from The Republik to The Manor to Ace Lounge to Addiction you could say they now know how to do a Friday night in Honolulu.

It was also a pleasant surprise to meet Onra and Ken Selders from Spells Hawaii at (of all places) Byron’s Drive Inn last week. My buddy at Converse in Hong Kong had a pair of kicks hand-delivered to me by his friend (also visiting) as a thank-you for being a good host when he was in town. By the way, that Onra show was fantastic. The sound issues that some of the more knowledgable types might have brought (I remember Zane immediately identifying the issue, “the speakers are blown”, when we were smoking outside) were lost on me by the time he performed. What a show. Thank you to for bringing this kind of music to a very eager and open crowd of people who appreciate it. There was a Loft in Space full of them that night and words can’t describe how good it feels to be around that.