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Justin Park of the Manifest celebrates three years and ten thousand dollars.
Image: courtesy Justin Park

Congratulations to all of the “Best Of’” picks this week. I want to say my own thank you to all of the nightlife winners and runners-up here too, just in case there was any doubt how much I appreciate what you do. Having friends in the business of feeding and entertaining the public, I see more of the sufferings than I care to. I’m not even sure how to equate it to everyday life. Restaurant or bar owners not knowing how they are going to make rent is just as scary as spending your entire paycheck and having to make $20 stretch a few days. Opening your doors softly to work out the kinks, then finding several one-star Yelp reviews before you’re even “actually” open is just as evil as someone tagging you in a bad photo on Facebook. While some might take for granted what it takes to run this nightlife, just know that there are many of us that do not. Every labor that’s put in to opening your doors is very much appreciated. Thank you.

If there is anywhere that knows the struggle it’s Chinatown. One day a month is chaos–the rest is “do whatever you can to get people here.” The Manifest has held strong, sticking to their creative roots, and managed to hold on to a still very celebrated weekly event with the Get Right. This week they celebrate their three year anniversary on Friday. Three years is really five in bar years. With some of the best-dressed staff in this town, I’m really looking forward to their Rap’s Hawaiianniversary party. All of those stylies in ‘70s aloha attire and some of the best “chee-hus” in Chinatown say “party” to me. The celebration has already started, really. Justin Park just brought home the ten thousand dollar grand prize (with only a one-point difference from co-bartender Roxanne Siebert) in the Kona Mai Tai Festival for the World’s Best Mai Tai. He now falls in the ranks of bartenders like Christian Self. Now The Manifest will become a destination bar where customers can come in and be like, “Make me that ten thousand dollar Mai Tai!”

Coming up this week is another big party out at the Waikiki Ocean Club. That’s that big boat with the waterslide that fits a few hundred people. Turk Cazimero and Jake Thompson are all set to do a series of parties called Electric Waters in tribute to the Triple Crown of Surfing. This Saturday, guests get two stages of music including producer/vocalist and DJ Lea Luna from Los Angeles and many local favorites including Jami and Compose from Nocturnal Sound Krew. They are docking the boat at Aloha Tower for boarding this time, which means people can’t be fashionably late but don’t have to worry about transfer boats. I know I had the best time ever out in the middle of Waikiki on that boat back in May. It’s fun to do something different. Making transfer boats available to people who want to leave early alleviates that stranded feeling, but I’m not sure I’ll want to go, since something’s scheduled through 4am. Maybe we can talk them into just letting us stay until morning for a nice wake-me-up swim.

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