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Hi, friends
Image: Christa Wittmier

If I cared about looking/feeling like a grandma at an 18+ event I would have stopped going a long time ago. Truth is, my inner youth-o-phile is stronger than any self-consciousness about being the old lady in the room, or, in Saturday’s case, on the boat.

That crowd is just so interesting to me: what they’re wearing, what music they listen to, how they’re dancing. I mentioned this boat party thing at the Waikiki Ocean Club in my column last week, and decided to check it out myself–something different than my usual drinking at The Modern to laze away the weekend.

Uncle Turk Cazimero is pretty much family and Jake Thompson is known to pull a crowd. From the second the transfer boat pulled up to the party boat, everyone on board was cheering and dancing up and down to welcome us while the music blared; we knew we were in for a good day.

The music didn’t back down; the kids loved it, and they danced the entire time, even from their lounge chairs on the pool deck and in the water on their floaty toys. Nobody didn’t not dance the entire day. I heard this Electric Waters is the first in a series. I will definitely be looking out for more of them.

Meanwhile, I’ve been spending the past few days scouring through all the photos I have ever taken, looking for everything at Nextdoor as they celebrate their 7th Anniversary this weekend. Yes, they also celebrated last weekend with Z-Trip, which kicked so much ass, but this Friday will also be a tribute for First Friday. Seven years is really something, and everyone knows how badly we needed this club in Chinatown.

It feels like forever ago that I was sitting on the lanai of thirtyninehotel hearing Chris Kahunahana talk about the place next door that he was going to build out. Hearing about it was exciting, but not as exciting as walking over and looking down from the second floor loft in the huge brick room. The place was massive. Definitely the biggest space I had ever seen in Chinatown at the time. We were so excited. As the club kicked off with more creative activities such fashion shows, cinema events, and some of the more eclectic mainland artists, Chris, I realized, had built what we all needed: the club for us.

Of course, it wasn’t just for us, but that’s what it felt like for those first few years. It actually still feels like that now sometimes. Looking back through all these photos I realize that seven years is a very long time and there’s so many reasons to say thank you to Chris and all of his staff for keeping Nextdoor alive. Those Tuesday nights, so strong with Kaleidoscope, is what turned me on to so many local bands. The packed Wednesday nights is how I got so many make-outs at Acid Wash. The Showdown in Chinatown events allowed us to mingle with some amazingly creative and talented industry folks and appreciate what they could do. These weeklies and monthlies built the foundation. Thank you, Chris.

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