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Image: Christa Wittmeir

Turns out The Girl Who Loves Everything might actually hates something. Gah, hate is a strong word; she severely dislikes something. Ok, dislike is also not the best way to put it. I’ll just say that I am definitely not getting down with NFL. I grew up on the mainland and those fans still give me nightmares. They are so serious about it. Only people who have seen it with their own eyes really know what I’m talking about. The cars with their team flags. The face paint. The yelling, the screaming. The tailgating that’s more than tailgating; it’s moving your entire living room, kitchen and backyard into two or three parking stalls. The actual sport itself never had a chance with me for all that noise it makes.

Don’t think I don’t appreciate how much the fans know about it, though. Who played for whom for how long and when. Where that coach killed it and how many rings this one is wearing. Holy crap–the wealth of knowledge a person can have is staggering. Lucrative, too I’m sure. Especially with the fantasy leagues.

Diehard fans in Hawaii are the best, though. Most I’ve met are only connected to certain teams because of the color of their jerseys. Don’t believe me? I sent a random text to a bunch of people and these were the answers:

Me: Who is your favorite football team and why?

Bryan Yoshida: “The Chargers because I’m an electrician.”

Raha Joon: “Niners because I liked rooting for teams against my brother (he’s a HUGE Raiders fan).”

Zak Noyle: “Miami ‘cause I like dolphins.”

Travis Watanabe: “Whoever’s winning because I’m totally not a bandwagon fan.”

Compose: “Lakers. They are awesome, that’s why.” FOOTBALL, not basketball! “Giants because I just so like them.” Come on, any reason? “New York!” WHY! “I like their colors.”

I rest my case. I know it’s just a tiny reflection, but this is what I’m used to. Compared to where I had to deal, Hawaii is NFL, lite.

For anyone that does love football, however, take note that MNightclub and their sister outdoor Row Bar will show the NFL games every Monday at 2pm with a replay at 6pm. Their happy hour includes cheap drinks and half off their yummy appetizers. PS: you have to try that kalua pig pizza at Row Bar; I ate one by myself in five minutes the other day. For those more east of town, Wahoo’s Kahala has mastered a lush and delicious bloody mary smorgasbord buffet bar for their breakfast and football Mondays that I want to just roll around in. There’s something about a super stacked bloody mary that always makes me feel good from the inside out. At Ala Moana, Pearl Ultralounge continues its popular football Mondays with a relaxed dress code and also a repeat fan punch card to win tickets to UH Football games, a beach cruiser or surf board at the end of the season.

They wouldn’t even need a punch card for a grand prize for me; the grand prize for me is that football ENDS.

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