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Honolulu--getting Hollywood with an Australian
Image: Christa Wittmier

Don’t go see a movie with me unless you are completely neurotic about being on time. That might mean sitting in a theater for twenty minutes before anything happens, but hey! PREVIEWS! I love previews. The masters of the editing room are so good at making trailers thorough and action-packed; it’s like we get all these little movies before the big movie.

The Hawaii International Film Festival website gives you the list of films (some with trailers!). I’m pretty excited to see a full selection of shorts dedicated to skate films, called Sons of Animal Style, screening Oct. 19. Talented local photographer Darin Lee, together with Conor McGivern, direct a bevy of local rippers at popular Honolulu street and park spots in the 10-minute film called Sampler. Music genius and eclectic performer Anton Glamb also returns to the big screen in Anton Glamb’s First Day of Summer, the short produced for G-SHOCK and In4mation that killed it at Showdown in Chinatown earlier this year. Anton is seriously one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met, and the short captures a snapshot of a day in his life–a must-see. Practice of sorts for HIFF this week is the Music Docs Fest at R/D in Kakaako (through Sep. 28). Interisland Terminal’s programming never ceases to amaze me, and this Friday’s screening of Shut Up And Play The Hits is a true blessing for LCD Soundsystem fans. I watched a little bit of the documentary/concert film online but had to stop because seeing it on the big screen at R/D will be way better. Plus, I really miss that band. James Murphy’s epic set at thirtyninehotel is near the top of my long list of best nights ever.

Hawaii Five-0 is officially back in motion. The Season 3 Premiere event at Sunset on the Beach last weekend drew thousands to Queens Beach. So many people, most there just to see Australian transplant Alex O’Loughlin, I’m sure. I don’t blame them; he is a sexy, sexy man. Not exactly my type, but I like how he looks deep in to your eyes when he’s talking to you. It’s quite staggering. His love interest on the show, Michelle Borth, was there, too, looking all kinds of fabulous with an air of approachability that made it impossible for any of Alex’s fans to hate her. She lives in Hawaii now, too, so we can be sure to see more of her on the show and around town.

Of all the actors and big-deal producers that hit the red carpet for the premiere, I was most impressed by CBS President Nina Tassler. I mean–this was the same night as the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles and she chose to be here with us for the show’s premiere. After listening to Executive Producers Peter Lenkov and Roberto Orci talk about how much they love shooting here, I want to take the time to ask them now: Why don’t you take advantage of the vast categories of music that is produced locally? I won’t give up; it’s officially my Season 3 mission to keep bugging them about it.

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