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Delta Spirit performs Saturday at Hallowbaloo
Image: courtesy Hallowbaloo

It’s time: Probably the greatest night out all year. I know I say that a lot, but I can’t think of any other night that induces as much laughing and pointing–well, besides any night when I tear up the dance floor. But seriously: whether it’s the most prig accountant finally in bootie shorts or a dramatic group costume ripped straight from the headlines, Halloween never lets me down. With more “I should have thought of that” moments than a contemporary art show, I’m already trolling through the millions of photos from last weekend for some good costume ideas. After last Friday’s Crazy Sexy Ghoul at Aloha Tower, the floodgates of costume parties have officially burst open. It wasn’t out of the ordinary to see random pirates or sexy clowns casually mixing with regulars at whatever bar on Friday night. I was already on a self-imposed time-out from my 5-inch heels at the Eurocinema Awards Gala at the Moana Surfrider; the scene stealing height I achieved in those things was worth the almost immediate damage I felt minutes later. The event’s third year proved to be even more fabulous than ever, with hundreds of tourists gathered to watch the spectacle of bright lights, cameras and red carpet fronting the beautiful hotel. Inside, there was a fantastic mix of prominent members of society with creatives and film industry professionals, celebrities like Booboo Stewart from Twilight, Daniel Dae Kim and Richard Chamberlain. Their first year working an after-party in the hotel’s Beachhouse restaurant was even spicier. The hotel’s current food and beverage manager Anthony Torres, formerly of the W in San Diego, knows how to sexy up a room, using the perfect amount of lighting, cupcakes, coffee and even a s’more’s station. After resting my feet for a while I was able to check in on both M and Addiction, both going off. By the time I got to M, the costumes looked just as spent as my feet felt, the packed dance floor resembling a half-eaten plate lunch of furry things and fishnets. I particularly loved seeing Mike Miske and his boys donning the most authentic looking Sons of Anarchy costumes I’d ever seen, but heard the group costumes constructed by Tantriq, Blaise and Flash to wear this weekend will make everyone’s heads explode with laughter.

Speaking of Sons of Anarchy, fans of that show might have already heard this week’s Hallowbaloo headliner, Delta Spirit. In the grand tradition of springing lesser known, world class performers, promoter Mark Tarone is bringing the Southern California band to HNL streets on Saturday’s block party. In a very Bon Iver-ish move, the group–named after the bassist’s uncle’s taxidermy shop–recorded their second album Ode to Sunshine in a cabin in the San Diego mountains. Performing for millions of people has fine-tuned their stage performance to a passionate rock anthem dreamland. Local performers I’m excited to see include The Bentos, Kings of Spade, Creatures of the Sea and so much more. The block party is the best way to see, laugh, point, high five and enjoy the holiday. Hope to see you there.

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